We discuss here the sign-up options for someone based in Malaysia.

If the friend you are helping to set up an account is based in other countries, check the other SIGN-UP OPTION PAGES. Or feel free to check in with your up-line support teams or drop us an email to get the relevant information.


Starter sets are kits that are the most value-for-money choice. In Malaysia they are called Premium Experience Kits (PEK). These are comprehensive kits to get you started on your wellness journey depending on which product range you are looking at.

The Premium Experience Bundle (PEK) is one of the best kits to get started with as it contains 10 of the most commonly used oils by Young Living users all over the world. This will give you a good start with the oils. These kits are offered with different diffuser options too.

 PREMIUM EXPERIENCE KIT OPTIONS (with various diffuser types)
With Desert Mist Diffuser
With Feather The Owl Diffuser
With Lantern Diffuser
With Sweet Aroma Diffuser
With Aria Diffuser

The kit contains 10 bottles of 5ml oils. These cover a huge breadth of usages and is a great way to start with the oils. You will also receive an ultrasonic diffuser, a bottle of V6 carrier oil - essential for oiling, as well as other accessories.

RM675-755 - 1ooPV (price depending on diffuser choice)

Detail contents of the PEB: 10 x 5ml each of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon Plus, Peppermint Plus, DiGize, Deep Relief, Purification, RC, Thieves, Valor. 1 x Diffuser (you may choose your diffuser), 1 x Travel-sized V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex, 1 x YL Reusable Bag, Medium, 1 x YL Reusable Bag, Large, 1 x Funnel, 2 x 5 ML Bottles with Rollers, 4 x 2 ML Bottles with Caps, 1 x Premium Experience Bundle Quick Guide, 1 x Welcome Pack


Now that you have shown your friend the options and they have decided on what they will like to start with, you can embark on the enrollment process by clicking on this link.  

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