Getting Started to Earn Your First $100

You may be looking at this page because you need information to help yourself sign up and get some of these best stuff on planet earth, OR your friends are bugging you to help them start their membership. It’s hard not to talk about the oils when they WORK! Which is why it is inevitable at some point your friends will ask you “How do I get some of that magic you have?” If your friends just wanted to try 1 or 2 oils, go on and perhaps help them purchase some. When they are given the opportunity to experience the power of the oils and when they are guided on how to best use these oils effectively and safely; many will come to you asking for more. So get on and get started right now!


Here are actually 3 different ways to become a member. You can:

  1. Head to the Young Living office to fill up a form on the spot to sign up.
  2. Email the Young Living office with all your details or
  3. Sign up HERE – online via the virtual office which is the best and easiest way.
To make things easier, we will go through the steps on how you can sign up online. Click to the right side of the picture to view the various steps in the sign up process.


One drop is a community. It started because 4 simple Singaporean girls fell in love with the young living essential oils and made a decision in 2010 that this love was worth nurturing and weaving into their lives and those of whom they care about.

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