This post is contributed by One Drop member – Rachel Wong

My journey with these amazing oils started in 2013 when my friend Yanni called me out of the blue one day to have coffee.

She started sharing with me about how the oils helped her cute little Ray Ray recovered from HFMD completely in a remarkable few days. I thought, hmmm, that’s pretty awesome and she asked if I would like to try.

To be honest, I was pretty skeptical at first because I have been involved in MLM before and whilst I learnt a lot, I lost even more financially. Hence, my apprehension; but I was intrigued by the natural benefits of the oils and decided to just put my one big fat toe in first to “try it out”.

So I signed up under Essential Rewards and bought 100PV worth of oils and I was really excited to get started!!! Ya you guessed it, there was no stopping for me after that hahaha! I wanted everything on the shelf and those days, the office was at the Concourse building and the reception was small and the queues were lonnnnnggggg!! It was a very tight squeeze and there was once I had to wait for 3 hours to collect my oils but that didn’t stop me from buying and my friends said I was “off my rockers”!!!

I started researching on the oils on the internet and devoured as much information as I could by reading books, attending classes and practicing RDT on my friends who were willing “guinea pigs” to let me wield my raindrop touches on their bodies and boy, did they enjoy it I must say.

My enthusiasm became pretty infectious, in both the good and bad ways. Good in that my good friends became wonderful oilers as they too saw how the oils have helped improve their family’s health and the visits to the doctors became few and far in between. Bad in that, my very own children (all 4 who are now young adults) would roll their eyes every time I shoved an oil into their hands and say “use this instead of your medication for your headaches and cramps” and they would politely refuse my great offer. So sad hor? But you know, this is one persistent mama. I never gave up and over time, they started using the oils just to stop me from nagging at them. Now, they come to me and ask me for the oils instead!! So I’m proud to say I’m one happy gleeful mama! God works in miraculous ways indeed!

I am a Christian and one of the ways I use the oils is to pray over them and use them as anointing oils as I pray for the sick and for those who need counsel and help. In the Bible, this is how the Israelites would use the oils to anoint their newborn and for embalming the dead. The oils were also used to heal the sick and fill the tabernacle with the sweet aroma of the oils and spices. It is so heartening for me to know that what works so many thousands of years ago still works today.

For me personally, the strong work ethics and the integrity of Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise convinced me that Young Living products is the best in the market so far. Yes, there are many good companies out there but because I have experienced the goodness of the oils, I can give them a thumbs up with great confidence. Back in 2015, I witnessed the entire process and even participated in the production when I visited the Idaho Farm for Winter Harvest together with a bunch of energetic like minded oilers thanks to Kai who organized it in a jiffy! It was most memorable and the experience is deeply etched in my mind and heart and that’s what spurs me on on this “oily” journey to continue to share and help promote well being and good health naturally to everyone I meet.

It’s hard to not talk about the oils. On my travels with my friends, to them I have earned the nickname “Dr Oily” hahahaha!!! It’s funny how they come to me for my arsenal of oils whenever they are not feeling well during our holiday and it’s also so comforting to me when I see them recovering so much faster without medication.

It has been an awesome 4 years so far and I know for sure, for many more years to come. Honestly, ranks and the monetary rewards are not important to me at this point. Helping others to see that there are alternatives to better one’s health and live a prescription and chemical free lifestyle gives me more satisfaction and joy.

God created everything naturally. Man corrupted it all. It’s good to go back and live our lives the way God intended, for us to enjoy the goodness and benefits of His creation manifested in these beautiful oils.

If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please drop me a message at I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones.