We are back! Here is PART TWO of the blends!


Oils Inside: Clary Sage, Fennel, Lavender, Jasmine

During the medieval times, the term “dragon time” referred to that time of the month for women. All of the oils that work with hormones all have sesquiterpenes.

Clary Sage contains sclaerol which is the compound that creates a oestrogen/testosterone mimicking action. it is also antispasmodic and a neuro-tonic.

Fennel works as a natural hormone balancer.

Lavender is recognized by Warwick University as a powerful agent for treating PMS.

Jasmine works on the liver and helps to balance the testosterone level in women.


Dreamcatcher opens the brain, balances the hormones and allows you to dream. Wear it at night – it allows intuitiveness. It helps when you are seeking intuitive feelings. Dreamcatcher and Inspiration works synergistically in filtering out negative thoughts. It also also a good match with Awaken.

When we experience a trauma (it is acidic), it is important to alkalise the trauma in the transcriptase enzyme. Having oscillating emotions (laugh and then cry and then laugh and then feel sad again) helps to erase it. Pulling back and forth.

The cause of nightmares is acid. The more acidic you are, the more scary/angry nightmares you get. Drink Alkalime before you sleep! The more alkaline, the more peaceful your dreams are.

Sandalwood in Dreamcatcher works for the brain. It was only till 2004 that was documented that the oils repaired DNA even though Gary spoke about it in 1999 and professionals gave him skepticism. When you present new things and ideas, it scares people. Because they either have to do something about it or reject it, and most people choose to reject it. In 1989 Gary presented in Denver that essential oils could correct scoliosis and that scoliosis was a VIRUS, it is only documented much later after.


(Pronounced “Energy”)

Oils Inside: Rosemary, Juniper, Nutmeg, Fir, Black Pepper, Lemongrass and Clove.

We are looking for an oil that can help go to the brain and the adrenal glands.

Can you use this oil and push your adrenals beyond its capacity? NO YOU CAN NOT. No oils are meant to push the body off its normal balance. Why? Essential oils only stay in the body for 20 minutes before they are exhausted, burnt up by the acids in the body. The more acidic you are, the quicker the essential oils will wear out. That’s why it is important to apply FREQUENTLY when we are sick.

The more acidic you are, the more reaction you will have with the oils. But it is NOT an allergic reaction! You are not allergic to the oils, you are allergic to the acids in your body. The oils are going into the body, hitting the acids and causing a spontaneous micro combustion that creates an outburst on the skin. It is a manifestation that you are an acidic person.

You gotta be responsible for cleaning up your body so that your body can work more efficiently!

(NOTE: This is only for YL oils. Not any other oils)

Rosemary and Black Pepper are great for adrenal and thyroid function and it raises energy levels.

Lemongrass is high in Limonene.

Juniper contains camphor which helps in soothing.

Nutmeg contains adrenal cortex stimulating activity and works directly on the adrenal glands.

When Mary Young was in labor, at the point of exhaustion, Gary rubbed En-R-Gee up her spine and she came back immediately.


Oils Inside: Sage, Spruce, Rose, Orange and Lavender.

Helps to open the brain and helps you to daydream. When you are depressed, upset, angry etc, your vision is gone. You can’t see what’s possible. Use it with Motivation.

Sage and spruce opens the heart chakra/energy centre because when that is closed down, you cannot have vision. You have to have the brain and the heart connected in order to have vision. It is also great for respiratory exchange of oxygen. You gotta breathe diaphragmatically, breathe into the gut, breathe into the brain, get the oxygen past that neocortex (logical) part of the brain to make that vision happen.

Rose brings you to a state of joy. Nobody is going to see good visions if they are angry. A sense of peace and balance helps to promote positive visions. Powerful in promoting the regeneration of new tissue, it takes 5000pounds of petals for just to make 1 pound of oil.

Orange is for the happiness! It makes you happy happy happy!

Lavender is for the balance.


Oils Inside: Cinnamon, Cassia, Myrrh, Hyssop, Frankincense, Spikenard and Galbanum.

Exoduss II is a powerful oil for any type of foreign bacteria found in the body. You can apply on the spine just like raindrop. Try also placing one drop under the tongue or into the inside cheeks as a supplement to get it into the brain if you have brain fog.

This blend of oil was taken directly out of the book of Exodus, the formula that Moses gave to the Israelites.

Myrrh has anti-inflammatory action.

Hyssop helps support the respiratory system and the lungs.

Frankincense and Spikenard works as an immune modulator.

Galbanum is the oil of Moses. The oil that is known to protect against deities, which is what diseases were known to be.


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