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Oils Inside: Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Melissa, Angelica.

High in sesquiterpene activity in stimulating the brain because when we feel angry, we feel resentment, we hold on to old issues that we want to beat ourselves up over for whatever reason. We all go through it everyday. We feel transgressed, been lied to, been cheated on, it goes on in life. But we harbor those things and it eats up literally.

This is probably the most difficult to deal with. Because it is not something that you see. We are a creature of habit that likes to hold on to stuff. We like to use it to beat ourselves up, to be martyrs. We feel like there is something valiant about carrying all those garbage around. We rehearse it again and again in our minds. It gives us attention, recognition that’s why we hold on to it. But it keeps us in limitation, it keeps us from expanding and from reaching forward in doing greater things.

That childlike forgiveness to let things go is critical for us to grow.

Rose  is to stimulate and bring about that peace.

Rose, Rosewood and Geranium work together to bring you to a higher frequency of happiness. There is no point in forgiveness if forgiveness doesn’t bring happiness with it.

Palma Rosa, Ylang ylang and Bergamot work on the heart to let it relax, to let it go.

Roman chamomile and Jasmine work on the liver because anger affects the liver.

Apply Forgiveness on the belly button at night, or let your intuition drive you to where you want to put the oil.


 Oils Inside: Galbanum, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Cinnamon, Rose, Spruce, Geranium and Ylang Ylang.

In 1993, Gary received an anonymous fax that said in an excavation in Jericho, 3 large cases full of scrolls and a little container of oils were found and they were being kept at the Hebrew University. One week later, Gary made his way down to Jerusalem amidst the fights going on between the Israelites and the Palestinians, there were bombs going off, tanks everywhere. A guard pulled a machine gun on Gary even. He was given a permit in the embassy nonetheless to go into university and into the archaeology department and look at the archives. He was allowed to see that one scroll that was being translated and the cases.

He kept questioning why he was there, why he was allowed to look at these things. He got to see the little terracotta container. The people who worked in the translation committee believed that that was the little container that Christ carried on himself and which He used during His administering work. Gary doesn’t refute or agree with that, he is just sharing with us what was shared with him.

Here’s the interesting thing. When the case was opened, they found 5 alabaster jars. The interesting thing was because a year before, Gary was in Egypt during the war when the bombing on the buses happened. He was supposed to be on the bus but he wasn’t. He heard in the Spirit that told him to go across the street and go into the American University library and do some studying. He turned and walked across the street as the bombs blew those buses up and he had a foot that was in a shoe land 3 feet away from him on the street. The military’s guns went off, bullets were everywhere. He hid for 3 days before everything looked clear. Later on, he went to one of the temples and an old time guard came up to Gary.

Guard: You speak English?
Gary: Yes
Guard: Why are you here?
Gary: I’m here to study about essential oils.
Guard: No that’s not why you are here. I tell you why you are here. You are here to learn about the man who came here many years ago that you called Christ. Christ was here. He was here 5 times. When He left, He was given 5 alabaster jars filled with oil as a parting gift to use for His ministry.

So when Gary saw the 5 jars in front of him, he knew there was something here that was so big that we don’t understand. In those scrolls was this statement “He shall know His children by their scent.”

He can’t tell us what it means, but he can tell us how it feels for him. “There’s going to be a time, some where, some place, and I believe the people who are wearing God’s oils, who have lived the way they should, may be the ones who will be chosen to stand and come forth as an army to battle the adversary.”

So he wanted to create an oil that would bring that scent. That would gather people together for that purpose and vision. He worked on it for years and it didn’t come together. And through his multiple trips to Israel, on this fateful one on top of a hill, he heard a voice that said “Galbanum shall be your oil”

So he added Galbanum in. Gathering blend helps to gather your thoughts into a single focus. Spiritually, emotionally and physically gather yourself to become one in the presence of God. If you feel compromised, fractured, scattered, feel like you’re in pieces, grab Gathering, put it on to pull you together.

If you wanna step out of the rut, get out of the ashes, put Inspiration+Highest Potential+Gathering. 🙂


Gary made this oil for babies so that it can be put on their skin gently. Mummies who have been applying Gentle Baby immediately after labor for a period of time has never had stretch marks. Tendertush also helps with that. Gentle Baby helps to get rid of scar tissue.

If the liver is toxic, it is easy to get rashes, eczema, acne, pimples. Anything that is abnormal from the skin is coming from the liver. The more liver cleansing you do, the more liver oils you use, the better skin you will have. Gentle Baby is a great oil to use from the outside in, as you work your body from the inside out. No specific area to put it. If there are skin issues, put it in a bit of V6 and apply on that area.

Linalool (antibacterial), Geraniol and linalool acetate are tissue regenerating molecules. Citronellol is antiseptic while limonene for the immune system.

Geranium is beneficial for children with insufficient liver growth and activity and is good for the lymphatic system.


Oils Inside: Idaho Balsam Fir, Frankincense, Myrrh, Rosewood and Galbanum.

The lack of gratitude in the world right now is causing the experience of injustice, unfairness and leading to resentment and anger. Even though we may not be getting what we want at times, we need to express the gratitude towards what we have.

Rosewood and Galbanum gathers the emotions and focuses it into an emotion of gratitude.

Myrrh, Galbanum and Ylang ylang balances and helps the heart to express the gratitude over what it has. Even when your health is no good, if you look outside, you can find someone who is worse off than you. You ALWAYS have something to be grateful for even if it is the last breath of air you are going to draw in this life.


Oils Inside: Juniper, Angelica, Ylang, ylang, Pine, Spruce and Fir.

Grounding is important to use when you are going through an upheaval, a separation, a divorce, a loss of a loved one, a separation taking place. Grounding comes and holds you in a space and anchors you there. When people are sick or upset, the space that they go into is one of wanting to leave.

The Grounding blend was made to anchor people there until they work through what they need to rather than avoiding/escaping and bringing the baggage to other areas in their lives. The conscious mind doesn’t want the subconscious mind to reveal what is unresolved because the conscious mind wants to be in control. The conscious mind will try to shut that down by getting you to fall asleep. Grounding blend will keep you in the moment to prevent you from escaping.

We use anger to escape. When you are shattered and fractured, use Grounding so you don’t escape.

Apply on the base of your neck and solar plexus.

Juniper has been used by the Native American people to represent grounding and anchoring.

Angelica  has root that grows in the earth. Its attributes, its signature is for grounding. That musky and woody scent anchors you into the earth.

Ylang ylang balances the heart and hormones.

Cedarwood opens the brain.

Pine and Spruce is good for opening the lungs.

Fir is for strengthening the chi of the spine.


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