This post is contributed by One Drop member – Deny Sentosa.

I have wanted to write about this for a long time. It’s about respiratory support. I believe many of us are sometimes faced with helpless situation when our loved ones keep coughing or having phlegm in the chest or runny nose. With so many choices of Young Living products out there, which are the best ones?

My answer is every individual is different. One may work for others, may not work for you. What I can offer is based on my experience on using oils on myself and my family. So far, these products, combined with products for DIGESTIVE health work well (I will cover on digestive health next time). So, here are my choices:

1. Frankincense.

Obviously, you have heard me raving about Frankincense before. Here’s the link if you want to know more about this oil.

2. Copaiba.

This is gentle oil and I would use it on 3 mths old baby. However, since Copaiba is found to be under legumes family, those with G6PD deficiency shd take precaution when using this oil. This oil is the amplifier. Meaning, it can amplify the functions of the previous oils. Besides this, Copaiba is great for scratchy throat (you will have this when you shout for whole day). Copaiba is also great to calm irritation on the skin. It supports muscles and bones, reduces discomfort due to physical exercises, supports digestive health and also emotionally grounding.

3. Balsam Fir (Idaho).

This oil comes from big tree and thus it’s great for respiratory and muscle support. The smell is grounding and calming. It strengthens me emotionally. When you combine #1 to #3 with equal amounts, you will get great combination which is better than Pana*ol.

4. Goldenrod.

Not many know that Goldenrod is great as respiratory support. My friend shared that she uses this to support healthy tonsils on her girl. When my husband has discomfort on his throat due to eating “heaty” food, he will ask for this oil and inhales deeply for 6-8x from his palms (he drops 1-2 drops, rubs, and inhales). The molecules work by soothing his throat and he feels better afterwards. Goldenrod is also liver and kidney support as well as its namesake “golden+rod” for men.

5. Peace and Calming

I use this to calm continuous cough on my girl. as its name suggests, this oil calms the muscles spasm caused by constant coughing. The smell is very soothing and calming. My girl even remarks that it’s fragrant and she likes it. This oil is also great for digestive support and I will use it on her stomach and chest together.

There are 3 more products that I have used and they are proven to be as great.

6. Myrtle

It’s great thyroid, muscles, and respiratory support.

I use it 1 drop with 10-20 cents size shampoo on my palm on my girl to let the mucus comes out. I love her smell after showering 🙂

7. OrthoEase

My friend shared that she layered this on her girl’s chest and back for respiratory support. Her girl had been coughing quite badly. This method let her girl to sleep well at night.

It’s no wonder because inside this blend, there are respiratory oils as well as vetiver to calm nerves.

8. Cool Azul

I have shared about this here.

Here you go, my favorite YL products. Take note however, my list can change anytime according to what body needs in the future 🙂 The interesting thing with YL is what to use is not fixed. But once you get the hang of it, you will know what to use.

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This post is contributed by One Drop member – Deny Sentosa

Kids love swimming. My girl is no exception. But do you know that Chlorine added in the pool can be dry on the skin and hair as well as causing flu like symptoms which follow 24 hours after that. At least that was what happened to my girl often in the past.

(Edit: Pool swimming can cause congestion, sinus pain, and sinus headaches. There are two main culprits for these issues: chlorine and pressure changes from underwater swimming.

Bacteria, viruses, or fungi in pool water can enter the nasal passages, which can lead to inflammation and even cause infections. Chlorine, however, is an even more common cause for post-swim sinus problems. The chlorine in pools can cause inflammation in the lining of the sinuses—sinusitis—as well as inflammation in the lining of the nasal passages—rhinitis. This can last as long as one to two weeks, which is definitely not something you want to have to deal with.

Pressure changes in the sinus cavities can block the nasal passages and cause discomfort.  When diving and swimming beneath the water, the pressure in your sinuses has to equilibrate with the pressure under the water. When chlorine and chemicals in the pool irritate the nose, mucus becomes thick and the sinuses become plugged. This prevents your sinuses from adjusting to pressure changes and the build up of pressure can cause sinus headaches. Plugged sinus cavities also cause sinus infections because the blockage prevents the clearance of viruses and bacteria that have entered the nasal cavities. In addition, trapped liquid can develop into an infection. This blockage is why swimming often worsens the symptoms of a cold or sinus infection.)

These few months, I have been experimenting and reading. I found one article about Geranium for chlorine. I use my own way to apply instead of following the article.

I apply on her soles AFTER she showers. She smells like flowers. But the best is no runny nose after swimming as well as next day. Geranium is great for liver as well as warming up after swimming.
Update from my Kai: “At Winter Harvest – the assistant Farm manager shared how he personally found Geranium oil drastically alkalizes the very hard water they have.”

Additional information for Geranium:

This oil is great for lymphatic system. Do you know, if you lymphatic system is sluggish, i.e. you’re not active in your daily life, your “waste disposal” system will be stagnant at one place and may cause inflammation. In our body system, lymphatic system is the only organ that needs to be stimulated for circulation. Geranium stimulates lymphatic system so that wastes can be disposed through liver or urinary or integumentary systems. My friend loves to use Geranium on her face as part of her daily skin routines. Her skin is healthy and pores are smaller now. I like to combine Geranium and Patchouli as deodorant (interchangeable with Lime) if I want floral scent as well as stimulating lymphatic system (underarms are one of major drainage in lymphatic system).

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This post is contributed by One Drop member – Deny Sentosa
2019 is the year Young Living turned 25. There were 40 thousand members attending the International Grand Convention Salt Lake City this year. It can be overwhelming for first timers or introverts like me. Fortunately, this year, Young Living probably anticipated the massive crowd so the workshops were arranged in such a way that the speakers have to move around the different venues instead of the attendees moving. So we were able to attend our workshops so much easier. Collection of orders were smooth. Closing concert with Imagine Dragon was great.

I am blessed to be part of this year’s convention and to share the new products that were launched during convention here.

New Essential Oils launched

Peace & Calming Roll-On USD43.75
This blend is uplifting as well as calming, thanks to Tangerine, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Patchouli, And Blue Tansy essential oils inside. It now comes in a convenient roll on to roll all over your sweethearts body. Behind ears, chest, spine, even stomach. Have a good night sleep!

Davana essential oil USD39.75
This oil has intriguing smell. I don’t have a fall in love in the first time with the smell. But, the smell changes when it has lingered in my skin after half an hour. As the reference mentioned, this oil can adapt to our body. Everyone will have a slight different smell afterwards. I can guarantee, it will smell nicer on your skin than sniffing from the bottle!


Limited Edition Essential Oils

25 Years Young essential oil
Made from Frankincense, Sacred Sandalwood, Myrrh, Helichrysum and Rose, the oil is grounding and calming. If you look at each of the oil, you know that it can be very beneficial for skin!

Chivalry essential oil blend USD49.75
Ah chivalry. When you heard chivalry, you will relate this with hero. I must say, everyone has heroes within. The oil has Valor, Gratitude, Joy and Harmony inside. The notion of chivalrous act has been lost for quite some time. Dab a bit of this for grounding, strength and bravery



New Products for Kids

Feather the Owl Kids Diffuser Bundle USD59.75
Feather the Owl diffuser is the diffuser I have been looking for. It is very easy to use that even my 6 years old can help me turn on, play music, adjust volume, and adjust light. It has 5 sounds: rain, white noise, lullaby, forest, and ocean waves. It can last till 10 hours! That’s what I need to humidify aircon room and make the room smells good during good night sleep! And it’s soooo cute! Tap on the middle toes for diffusing mode and light colors.

New Products for Personal Care

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste USD11.50
Non toxic, NO FLUORIDE, no icky stuff for this toothpaste, yet with 40 seconds brushing (dentist suggests 2 minutes), this toothpaste can make your teeth cleaner and brighter!
With gluten free ingredients, you can be sure that you get the goodness of nature in this toothpaste. Oh, having hard time switching from commercial toothpaste to this? NO MORE! This toothpaste produces enough bubbles, thanks to glycerine, and the taste is minty, even you wanna eat it. Delicious with no guilt! It helps to prevent built up of plague without harshness.

CinnaFresh Deodorant and CitraGuard Deodorant USD12.75 each
The newly invented deodorant has NO alumium and non toxic ingredients. Lymph is the major detox system and with these duo you can be assured that your health is not compromised at all. You just smell better and it benefits people around you.

New Nutrition Launched

IlluminEyes USD32.75
I can’t wait to try this! It protects eyes from almost everything! If you often work on computers, handphones, and/or tablets, this supplement is for you! Those devices emit blue light and it can cause blur vision after some time working with these devices. Take this and notice the difference! Studies have shown that with many kids using gadgets, kids can have shorter attention span plus unwanted behaviour (aggressive, irritable, and/or other negative behaviour). This supplement helps to reduce those! What are you waiting for! Oh, and it’s purely plant based with the capsule made from purple carrots.
Olive Essentials USD32
1 capsule equals to 1 liter of olive oil. That means, this is full of antioxidants and goodness for your heart and body. Need good cholesterol? Try this!

New range for Savvy Minerals

Shadow Essentials Eyeshadow Palettes USD55 each
Pretty colours with infused Lavender EO, non toxic ingredients so that you can be assured you can hug your dear little ones with no worry. Sets:Sahara Sunset, Natural Quartz, and Royal Winter


Dual Lash Brush USD18
For your eyelashes and eyebrows

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This post is contributed by One Drop member – Deny Sentosa

Our bodies are always inflamed. Inflammation is part of our immune system’s natural response to heal an injury or fight an infection. It is supposed to stop after the job is done. But if it becomes a long-lasting habit in our body, that can be bad. Long-term, or “chronic,” inflammation is seen in many diseases and conditions. The constituent of Black Seed Oil – Thymoquinone – is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant component. And with the bringing down of inflammation, the Black Seed Oil supports the immune system too.

Young Living Black Seed Oil (BSO) is cold pressed and has a competitive price in the market. 1000 kg of Black Cumin produces 250kg of BSO.

I have tried various ways to use BSO since the beginning of February and I can say that I am very satisfied with the product. With regular consumption, my schedule to the toilet is more regular and smoother. I also received feedback that from my team members that their skin is getting better with regular use and consumption.

Actually, I think it’s delicious. It’s sweet and ends with a little bit of nutty bitterness. The little one likes it (yeah, but my little one eats about everything).

My favourite way to take it is to mix it with Bloom Collagen at night.

Can mix with Essential Oils and rub on location

For those of you who understand Bahasa and want to see how I use BSO, you may view my video at IGTV here.

Young Living Indonesia released the Black Seed Oil for sale some time back and it immediately became one of the most popular item. It is sold out within hours in YLID while in YLSG it is selling out in less than 72 hours from launch.

Greetings 💙
Deny Sentosa

Deny is a member of OneDrop. She and her team supports oil users via her IG and blog. If you like Deny’s articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please feel free to get in touch with Deny or sign up directly here.