PART 5! Are you fascinated with the stories and the blends yet?


Specifically for adults who have lost their identity, helps you reclaim your identity.

How do you lose your identity? When you are “someone’s mother”, “someone’s wife”. Helps with mid life crisis.

Put a drop on your thumb and suck it. For any emotional work, use inner child.


Used to be known as Prayer and Meditation. In Japan, there were some names that just wouldn’t translate. (e.g. Motivation blend is Spirit Wings in Japan).

Moves you into a space of quietness to receive inspiration and direction. Increases intuitive ability.

Use it for Prayer and Meditation.

Jasmine is great for the bladder or for kidney support.


In order to go forward, we need to go back into our inner child. As adults, we are stuck in who we are. We need to learn to play, to be flexible, to create in peace. Thi is a good oil to use with Awaken, Motivation and Clarity.

Lemon, Orange, Bergamot help you moves into a space of happiness. If you are not happy, you are not compelled to move into the future because you can’t see it. People who are depressed, they are the ones who will step back, who are sedentary.

Ylang ylang stimulates the heart for excitement. You’ve got to be passionate in order to want to move forward.

Rose, Rosewood, Palma Rosa, Roman Chamomile and Jasmine helps to open the liver. This makes you want to go out there and create.


Joy in the heart is Joy in the Home. Old saying “When Daddy is mad Daddy is mad, when Mummy is mad everybody is mad”

Lemon, Mandarin, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang are oils that bring frequencies of joy. We put people through a test for electric frequencies – people who are happy and people who are sad. As Gary put the blends together he worked the oils until he was able to create those blends to bring them into the same frequencies as people who are in joy have.

This works through your electromagnetic field in enhancing and raising the frequencies to be in the space of joy.

This is where you have got to be in order to HEAL – whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual. You must have joy in your heart first, joy for your fellow men and joy for yourself.

How can oils do that (bring joy into your heart)?
Are oils the life-force of the plants? – Yes, because we know that if you remove the oils, the plant is dead.
Is your blood the activating-force of your body? – Yes, every cell depends on that blood flowing through the body.
So if the oil has a life-force, does it have a consciousness? – Yes
Does your blood have a consciousness? – Yes
If the oils and your blood have a consciousness, can they communicate? Conscious to conscious.
Do you know that oils have a frequency?
Does your blood has a frequency?
Every part of your body has a frequency?
Every thing that God created has a frequency?
Can frequency and frequency communicate?
Is it then possible that is how it happens? That is ONE way the oils work in your body – through the frequency consciousness in the oil to the frequency consciousness of your blood and cells.

So, put Joy ALL over! Heart is the primary point.

Real story : For women in a marriage where husband never says he loves her. He did not like the oils or for her to use the oils. Gary says men never smell their underwear before they put them on, so sprinkle Joy on them! He suggested for her to diffuse joy in the house when he is not at home. But air out the smell before he returns. The smell may be gone, but the frequencies remain. The oil will get into the drapes, the carpet, the furniture and permeate the home. She practiced it for 2 weeks. He came home suddenly one day and could smell Joy. He remarked how nice it smelled and he told told her “ I love you “ for the first time.


Power oil for the liver and gallbladder, and very specific for gallbladder.

Its greatest companion is JuvaCleanse. These 2 oils should be used together topically or orally. Using JuvaFlex in the morning and JuvaCleanse in the evening is of great benefit if you are dealing with the gallbladder. You want to open up the gall bladder – Juvaflex (2 caps) in the morning. You want to move it out – then JuvaCleanse (2 caps) in the afternoon/evening.

If you are someone who is often angry, put JuvaFlex and JuvaCleanse on your liver.


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