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Summary and excerpts from Gary Young’s Training Tape 17.

When we are dealing with emotions and emotional problems, always start with Valor. Valor is important as the first step for grounding first. Apply Valor and hold onto the feet for 5 to 10 minutes. Allowing for time to feel, think and reflect on their feelings.

The next oil will be Harmony, because it helps to set the frequency, harmonizing the energy centers (chakras, meridians or whatever terms you are accustomed to). Harmony helps to open up the energy blocks in your body to get the energy flowing properly through it. It also sets a beautiful tone which your body responds to.

Spend about 10 minutes between the two oils in the application. Take it slowly and allow for emotional release when it happens. But it differs from person to person as not everyone is comfortable with baring their emotions in public.

Gary said, “When you are dealing with emotions, you do it very, very quietly – no talking, no music playing, no strobe lights running, no waterfalls, no frogs croaking, crickets cricking – nothing but total silence.”

This is because we are programmed to lock onto the sound instead of going to the feeling. It’s just like driving down the road and turning the radio on. Where does your mind go? It goes to the sound. That’s why the ancient Egyptians had a sealed room where they carried out emotional clearing ritual. With the door closed and locked and not one single sound can be heard. Even in daylight, the room was dark because it has a only very tiny door. So it was total silence and total sightlessness that helped shifted them into a space where they could bring up their feelings. That is the key of it.

In certain Tibetan monasteries, they deal with emotionally distraught people with behavior problems by putting them in a solid room with a little door and a window. It was a plain room with no colors on the wall, just cement. And a chair, and that’s it. They put them there for 3 days and 3 nights and there’s a cot at night for them to sleep on. The people in the room were handed juice and water periodically. An old gentleman told Gary about this and he said, “Mr Young, when man cannot see, and man cannot talk, and man cannot hear – he deals with himself.”

Putting Valor and Harmony on will help you get in that space. And when memories start to surface, treasure the good ones and reinforce them for they give you strength and appreciation for being alive in this world. But if a negative memory came up, bless it, release it and let it go. Replace it with a good thought. Take Present time and rub it on the thalamus and lay there and give it 10 minutes.

“What do I feel like I really need? Do I know who I am? Am I proud of what I am? Am I motivated about what I am doing in life? Am I angry? Do I need to deal with forgiveness? Do I need more hope in my life?” Just role-play that in your mind and see which one of the oil blends grabs you, and maybe that particular time as you go down through it, you recall…

“Golly, I really need to forgive my sweetheart for saying that I look pretty dorky. “ Then grab Forgiveness and just rub it on the face and rub it around the tummy button…because maybe your sweetheart said something that made you upset and you got angry at her and hollered back or made a derogatory comment or something. Folks, use these oils to empower your relationship with your loved ones. Use them to go there and do these things.

Dream Catcher stimulates the mind to dream and it helps you to anchor onto those dreams. Gary believed the biggest part about dreaming is following your dream all the way through to fruition. Once you have burst the dream, it may not materialize in the exactness, but if you stay with it you will get some form of it into completion, and generally it will turn out better than the original dream, so that is really important.

Having experienced what the oils had created for people on an emotional level, Gary created the Feelings Kit. To assist with emotional release. However, if you know of someone who does have a real heavy-duty emotional problem, just give them an oil to start off with. You can consider giving them Joy, or Forgiveness.

Use White Angelica to seal and protect that emotion or feeling you’ve released. Take White Angelica and rub it on your chest, shoulders and the back of your neck. Wear it every day to protect you.

Or perhaps you need to look at finding somebody here before you leave who will be your buddy (if you are a single person living alone) where you can say, “Can I call you to get reinforcement? Can I call you to encourage you?” Just create a buddy system so when you go out of this room tonight you don’t sabotage yourself and undo all that you are feeling right now, but that you carry it forward until it manifests in your life.

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