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I just adore Frankincense.

“Frankincense is likely one of the most important and well used oils in the animal world. It has been used with every species, in almost every way imaginable. It is incredibly safe, well tolerated, versatile and effective.” -Melissa Shelton, The Animal Desk Reference

This is now my go to oil to diffuse for my kittens, and they adore it too! I’ve always known Frankincense to be a really gentle and all purpose oil even for really young animals and humans, but when I actually read what Melissa Shelton, a holistic vet, wrote about the oil, I was blown away!

Here are some excerpts for you!

“Frankincense has been used in newborns of every species, even when they are only minutes old. We have literally had Frankincense on the towels and hands of those who are handed a puppy from a C-Section procedure – making Frankincense one of the first things that are exposed to once they are removed from their mother’s womb… If it is a baby of any sort, Frankincense should be included in its life!”

And if you think that Frankincense is only for babies… think again.

“Frankincense is considered a ‘life force’ oil and has been used extensively in critical cases in our veterinary hospital. The use of Frankincense in times of transition and death is incredibly helpful to animal and caretaker.”

You don’t need to be dying to use Frankincense… haha, here are more reasons!

  • to support healthy skin
  • to calm, soothe anxiety and relieve stress
  • supports overall wellness
  • promotes good sleep and everyone needs proper rest to recuperate and be renewed
  • cup over eyes especially for dog breeds with bulging eyes and for senior animals that could do with eye support
Would love to hear if you have discovered other uses for Frankincense that is compliant!

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