LAST PART!!! This concludes the summary of Gary Young’s teachings about the Young Living blends extracted from treasured CDs of recording dating possibly as far back as 2004.

Bear in mind that some of the blends we have now may not be included in this series. Some of the blends have been updated with 1 or 2 different ingredients to replace hard to source plants that need to meet the stringent standards YL demands of. It is more important you learn about the thought process of how each blend was created and why different plant species were chosen. This helps you see the purpose of each blend and begin to appreciate the significance of each blend. They were never created out of whims and fancy and certainly NOT for fragrance purposes.

We pray you will now feel much more equipped and empowered to use these blends to change your life! <3


Oils inside: Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Spruce, Myrrh

Goes on the crown of the head.

2 of the oils in this blend were given to baby Jesus.

When you feel like you can’t get yourself together, when you are feeling depressed, put it on the crown and on the temples.

This blend is also immune stimulating and very enhancing to bringing oxygen to the brain. It will bring spiritual clarity, particularly when you use Clarity with 3 Wise Men. If you are praying and asking, seeking information, remember this, God never ever does not answer prayers and He always hears every one that you asks and offer. Be clear about what you are receiving. It is more of a spiritual oil rather than an emotional oil.

Juniper is highly regarded by the Tibetan lamas, Spruce is highly sought after by the Native Americans for improving spirituality, and Sandalwood by the East Indians.


Works on the mRNA and DNA.

Davana brings in feminine energy to traumatized tissue, whether it is for the male or female.

Frankincense, Geranium, Sandalwood is for the brain to get the oxygen to the pineal gland, to get it to the amygdala. The amygdala responds to fear/flight syndrome so getting oxygen in there helps it to slowly release those emotions.

Apply Trauma Life on the spine, let your intuition direct where you should put Trauma Life.

Trauma Life and SARA works well together for serious trauma. 2 people have gotten out of coma as a result of just breathing in Trauma Life. Diffuse it.

Frankincense activates the pineal gland instantly.


Valor is superb for balancing the body, for empowering.

Blue tansy is in it. Spruce and Roman Chamomile was used by the Romans in their baths and in preparing to go into battle. Frankincense so you can come from a spiritual space.
 Rosewood for feminine and masculine energy balance.

Valor at the bottom of the feet, up the spine. Valor balances physical, emotional and mentally. It facilitates everything else that you do, keeps you at peace and balance. Aligns the skeletal system.


White Angelica created for protection.

Using it during and particular after emotional clearing. Put it on the shoulders, throat chakra, on the thoracic vertebrae. It creates a frequency around that person that envelops you into a cocoon. It will protect you from the outside negativity. It is not going to stop it from coming at you, but it will prevent it from entering the cell membranes.

Creates helps to create a shield of energy.


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