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Thieves was a signature oil blend made by Gary Young in about 1990 – 1991. It was created as a result after his many hours spent in London library researching about oils and oil history. Gary found 17 different versions of the story of ‘Thieves’ during the plague of the 1700’s and also Thieves was mentioned in another plague in the! There are versions with just 4 thieves, some with 40 thieves…there are just so many stories!

Origins of Thieves

After going through all the versions and records, Gary summarizes what he gathered and here is the story that he concluded:

  • The thieves could have been merchants and spice traders, that explains why they knew about the power of the oils.
  • Then when the plague hit, the kings of the various countries sent out a mandate closing down international commerce and shipping, hence those merchants and spice traders couldn’t engage in their business and were going broke.
  • And so they decided to loot the dead bodies, take their things and set up a pawn shop trade…that’s how pawn shops evolved too!
  • Then the king issued the proclamation to have the thieves captured, but the constables were afraid to touch them because they had been touching the dead bodies of the plague victims and they didn’t want the plague.
  • After executing a few constables, the authorities finally caught the 4 thieves.
  • The king gave them an opportunity to confess the secret of their immunity. Confess and be hung by the neck, or and if they didn’t give up their secret, they would be burned at the stake!
  • They chose to hanging and have to give up their secret. Which was then published and plastered all over the town.
Oils Used in the Stories

Gary concluded that Oregano, Cinnamon and Clove are definitely in as they were oils that were traded during that time. Most of the 17 stories listed Clove and Cinnamon, so taking that into consideration, Gary went through the oils and studied their chemistry structure to determine what goes into the blend of ‘Thieves’. Taking in mind that ‘Thieves’ has to be an oil blend that is extremely powerful in dissolving excess mucous in the body and suppressing the acid production in the body.

And finally, these are the chosen oils for Young Living’s ‘Thieves’ blend:

  • Clove was chosen because of the eugenol in the oil.
  • Rosemary (this is Rosemary Officinalis), very powerful oil.
  • Lemon oil was very plentiful because it was pressed and it worked then.
  • Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary and Clove are 4 of the oils mentioned in various versions out of the 17 different stories.
  • Cinnamon bark has cineol and eugenol in the oils.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata. Do note that Eucalyptus Radiata wasn’t used in the formula in the 1700s simply because it wasn’t available back then. But Gary personally had very good experience with this oil and had chosen to include it in the blend.
Power of Diffusing

Diffusing will protect your home from the chemical environment. Diffuse Thieves especially, to fight bacterial organisms in your home. Just let the diffuser run for a couple of hours a day.

More Tips from Gary:

  • In a 2-ounce glass, mix vinegar + a few drops of Thieves Vitality and take it every morning. This will reset the pH of the stomach and set the digesting of excess acid in the body.
  • Gary said that he really like to see homes with overhead fans because this really moves the oil through the home and rooms when you diffuse.
  • Mix Thieves with Spruce or Pine to empower the oil. You can empower your blends by adding another single oil!
I hope you had benefited from the summarized points above. For more powerful details and the full transcript, please download from Learning Vault.

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