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I was watching this video recently by Brooks Gibbs on Youtube, titled “How to Stop A Bully” (you may catch it here).

I was captivated by the video. It was amazing to me how he ‘disarmed’ the bully. For even if the talk is staged, I am convinced that his methods worked. How can you continue to be mean to someone who’s not only unaffected but turns around and praise you? Wow! That’s very powerful in responding with positivity and turning around all that negativity around.

Towards the end of the clip, Brooks Gibbs talked about the 3 social skills that one needed in order to resist against bullies. They are: 1) Resilience, 2) Emotionally Balanced and 3) Mentally Strong.

Kids who are empowered with those social skills are found to have increased self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.

But the thing here is…you can’t just do things for the kid or for anyone. He has to do it for himself. But we have to teach the kids about the 3 social skills. As a parent, we have 2 critical roles…1. To use our knowledge to influence our child’s heart and 2. Model the results we hope to see in them. This is definitely NOT easy and can be overwhelming.

And as I listen to Brooks Gibbs, those oils…they just started to appear in my mind. My heart start to beat a little faster and I was getting all excited! I was blown by the oils that came into my mind! They are…TADAH!!! Valor, Harmony, Joy and White Angelica!

Together, they made up Gary’s Great Day Protocol!!!

Oh my! It seems Gary had given us the solution…yet again…all along. In his own ways, so many years ago, to help us pull through tough and unpredictable times. Times that called for us to be RESILENCE more than ever. Times that called for us to be emotionally balanced and stay our cool. Times that called for us to be unaffected by crisis and changes all around us.

What can give you resilience other than courage and strength?

Isn’t that Valor?

Emotionally balance?


Mentally Strong? When you feel and know you are protected….when you are doused with the right amount of positivity…nothing can get you down!

Isn’t that in White Angelica and Joy?

One to help you feel protected and the other to fill up that emptiness with Joy and hope.

About the oils Gary selected for this protocol and how to use step-by-step

Step 1 Valor
Balance energies and instil courage, confidence and self-esteem.

How to use: Place 1 drop of Valor or Valor 2 on the inside of your left wrist. Place left wrist over the inside of your right wrist so that the insides of both wrists are touching and hold together for a moment to balance your body .

Option 1 for Step 2: Harmony
Promotes physical and emotional healing by creating a harmonic balance for the energy centres of the body. It brings us into harmony with all things, people and cycles of life.

How to use: Drip a drop or 2 of Harmony into your left palm, and with your right palm, circle the oil 3 times in a clockwise direction. Then you anoint your energy centres (some call it chakra points) from the base chakra up.

Option 2 for Step 2 Highest Potential
Elevates the mind as you gather your thoughts and mental energy to achieve your highest potential. This blend harmonizes several grounding, calming, inspiring and empowering essential into one single blend.Harnessing the uplifting and inspiring power of Blue Cypress and other pure essential oil scents, this blend helps you access and nurture the most profound version of your inner self.

How to use: Place 1 drop of Highest Potential above your belly button to calm your mind and promote positive feelings.

I just learnt from Young Living Canada’s blog here so I am including both oils. For instead of Harmony, they recommended Highest Potential. Either oil is fine too, I find.

Step 3 Joy
This beautiful blend produces a magnetic energy that brings joy to the heart, mind and soul. It inspires romance and helps overcome deep-seated grief. 

How to use: Place 1 drop of Joy above your heart to bring about feelings of happiness to your mind and body. (I love to sing “We’ve got the joy joy joy joy…down in my heart…” as I apply this oil…)

Step 4 White Angelica
Increases and strengthens the aura around the body to bring a renewed sense of strength and protection, creating a feeling of wholeness. Its frequency neutralizes negative energy and gives a feeling of security.
How to use: Place 1 drop of White Angelica in your palms and rub together. Then put your hands on the top of your head and lightly brush hands over your head, face, shoulders and body to uplift and energise your spirits and protect your energies.

And that’s it. These 4 Blends carefully selected to work together to give you a great day! To give you hope, reawakens your passion, lifts you up enough to set your goals…and lastly, an oil to remind you that you are protected and favoured by the Divine (in my case, my God who sent His only begotten son to die for my sin so that I can be reunited with Him and bring Heaven to Earth).

I recalled how last year, during Gary’s memorial service in Young Living Singapore office, the staffs put the oils from Gary’s Great Day Protocol together into a roller bottle and gave it freely to everyone who attended the service. I was really touched by the time and effort they put in despite going through the loss and grief like us distributors. And maybe even more so for them who had worked longer in the company. Very blessed by this team…

So I checked with them and the DIY Blend recipe for Gary’s Great Day Protocol was:
  • 10 drops Valor
  • 10 drops Harmony
  • 10 drops Joy
  • 10 drops White Angelica
Put them all in a 10ml roller bottle, top up with V6 and you are done. Then you can bring it around, roll on your wrist, side of neck and inhale directly from wrists of palms whenever you need to. Or give the roller as a gift to the friend who needed it. The oils worked more than one way to keep someone from feeling too sad. High in frequency, stimulate the limbic brain where memories and emotions are stored…helping you to feel good…helping you to feel hopeful again…

And it’s anti-bullying because a person who’s resilience, emotionally stabled and mentally strong will not be bullied nor will they bully. It’s a win-win protocol!

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