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Being someone who do not like to think too much, sleep has never been difficult for me. I use to be very proud of the fact that I can sleep anywhere, anytime and even under pressure from deadlines. However, all that changed after I became a mother.

I couldn’t sleep well for 4 whole years as I was waking up constantly in the middle of the night to make sure my baby is breathing. Yes, its crazy, I know. I could not help it. And it got worse whenever she falls sick. I could stay up the whole night just to check her temperature.

So I was miserable, tired, cranky, stressed and jittery for 4 whole years!!!

Some kind soul by the name of Joanne Ng then introduced me to Young Living Essential oils. I started to ingest Grapefruit Vitality in the hope of losing weight but to my utmost surprise…I started to sleep better! And for the first time after 4 years, I was able to sleep deeply. Wow…I was blown. My sleep got better and my energy came back. Even the sinseh I was seeing felt my pulse and remarked how much better I was than before.

I did a little research and it seems that grapefruit is an awesome lymphatic drainage support. The ingesting of Grapefruit supported my lymphatic system and set my immune system back to work and thus! I am able to sleep well again. Amazing isn’t it?

However, if you just want to know what oils to use for an awesome sleep,

here are my top 5 essential oils for supporting healthy sleep…

1. Lavender
The easiest and must-have oil in every household. Lavender is well-known for its relaxing and calming effects for literally everyone.

2. Frankincense
This is very important to me as it helped calm my daughter down from an over-stimulated evening and ensured her sleep quality…thus ensuring mine as well.

3. Cedarwood
I once diffused Lavender + Cedarwood and I had the best best sleep of my life as I find my mind relaxed enough to send me into sleep where I start to dream again.

4. Ylang ylang
Ylang ylang means “flower of flowers.” Historically, the ylang ylang flower has been used to cover the beds of newlywed couples on their wedding night. That’s because this powerful oil helps to balance male and female energies, supports focus and restores peace.

I couldn’t stand the smell then…but the message of self-love that Ylang Ylang carries, made me feel loved and thus ensure a great sleep.

5. Vetiver

Because vetiver essential oil is distilled from the roots of the plant, it has a very rich and earthy smell. It is psychologically grounding, calming and stabilizing. HOWEVER, it is so thick that most mommies almost fall asleep waiting for the one drop of oil to come out of the orfice…hahaha…

How to use essential oils for sleep support.

When using essential oils to help the whole family sleep through the night, there are two main methods I like to use:


For my Heidi, I will just take 1-2 drops of essential oil, mix it with V6 and apply all over her back, giving her a good back massage.

For myself and my husband, I will take 1-3 drops of essential oil and apply to the back of my neck, chest and inside of my wrists. Allow a few minutes for the essential oils to absorb a bit. I will usually take any leftover oil, rub it between my hands, cup over my nose and inhale.


Diffuse 8 drops of the selected essential oil with the dewdrop diffuser. My favourite to diffuse for a great sleep is Lavender (4 drops) + Cedarwood (4 drops).

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