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I have always believed that food is the cornerstone to health. You quite literally are what you eat!

I advocate raw food, namely because enzymes and nutrients are still intact, protein structures are not altered by heat and it typically has little to no plant matter.

Weaning my kittens on raw was a no-brainer for me. I chose to start them on freeze-dried raw as it is really the most convenient, already nutritionally balanced and it’s just a lot easier to talk to adopters about keeping them on it, vs me telling people to be handle raw meats and measure out squishy organ meat etc


The Primal nuggets are rehydrated with KMR (kitten milk replacement) for added calories because Primal does not have kitten specific formulas.

Since the Primal nuggets are turkey-based, I wanted to add some protein variety and that comes in the form of fresh, raw meats. So far, I’ve offered them beef, pork and lamb, both in minced form and also in tiny scissors-cut pieces.

And.. NINGXIA RED! It’s never too early to start them on Ningxia Red! I love how it’s an all-rounder supplement and it’s so easy to give! 3 of them share 1 capful per meal, so with 3 meals a day, they are drinking approx 1 cap each per day.

Did you know that our animals and us are exposed to free radicals all the time? Free radicals negatively affect our cells and contribute to premature aging, inflammation and various disorders.Antioxidants is the one thing that can tackle free radicals and Ningxia Red is chockfull of it! In fact, it is the product with the highest ORAC score! Ningxia Red also boosts natural immune function, brain health, good vision and basically all the systems.

If you could only give one supplement to your animals or yourself, it has got to be this.

💩 Let’s talk about poop for a moment. Poop can tell us so many things! They have been giving very firm and nice poop, everyday! There is no straining to poop, no mushy poop or even diarrhea.

And the best part? THERE IS VIRTUALLY NO SMELL. I have weaned other kittens on canned food in the past, and I can’t describe how stinky their poop was. It’s amazing how such a small piece of poop can stink up half the house. We never missed a poop. But now? I have to go dig through the litter box to find poop because there is no smell at all! YAY FOR RAW!

End of poop talk. Another observation I have made is that, my kittens eat less than other kittens on canned/kibble. It is pretty normal for 5 weeks old kittens to eat 4-5 times a day, but I’ve noted that mine don’t want to eat any more than 3 times a day.

Sometimes they will even eat only twice a day.

Perhaps their little bodies know that they are eating very nutrient-dense food? I’ve also learnt to not be a kiasu mama, and just trust that they can self regulate the amount of food they need, since the likelihood of eating more to compensate for not-as-nutrient-dense-food is pretty unlikely.

What are your animals eating? How do they do on their diets?

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