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This is my personal testimony of reducing cellulite that was obviously visible to anyone standing behind me at any angle to invisible to naked eye unless I pinch my thighs for you to witness.

It all began very accidentally when I started drinking a super food supplement drink in order to improve my eyesight. I took 180ml on a daily basis. Then I started adding some essential oils in because I read in Kaye’s post that it made it taste different and more “citrusy”. So I added a couple of drops of essential oils in.

I went to Canada for Winter Harvest and I didn’t fall ill which is odd considering I always fall sick when I go to a foreign land… I don’t think it’s the food or water… I suspect it’s the bacteria from the badly circulated air that I was breathing with hundreds of other passengers in a contained aircraft. And it is true as I found out that 20% of passengers usually fall ill after a flight if someone on board is having a cough or flu. So after 2 weeks of sheer bliss and happiness of winter harvest and spending time with wonderful Young Living members, I flew home to go back to reality. I miss the cold BUT I was also surprised with good news. I was told by my family that they can’t see my cellulite anymore and asked me what happened. Guess what? I had no clue.

So I started doing some investigation and this is what I found out:-

The superfood supplement drink, Ningxia Red contains all the berries and citrus fruits. (You can check out “What’s inside the Ningxia Red and How Does it Help” in our Live Alive book. You can purchase it here) All of which nourishes, supports and strengthens our body system. I have listed one of the main functions of each ingredient that helped in combating cellulite:-

  • Aronia Juice – Aids digestion
  • Wolfberry Puree – Improves digestive tract health
  • Plum Juice – Anti-obesity
  • Pomegranate Juice – Superfood for skin and hair
  • Blueberry Juice – Protects cell DNA
  • Sweet Cherry Juice – Anti-oxidant support
  • Tangerine Oil – Supports secretion of toxin and unwanted substances, supports digestive system and metabolic function
  • Yuzu Oil – Supports digestive system and activates cell and fat burning effect
  • Orange Oil – Supports circulation, inhibit accumulation of toxins and restore correct information to DNA
  • Lemon Oil – Supports microcirculation, maintains normal cellular regeneration, support digestive system
And when I nourish my body with the right nutrients, I realized I stop snacking and I stop craving for junk food.

The essential oils I used were Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit.

  • Orange Oil – Supports circulation, inhibit accumulation of toxins and restore correct information to DNA
  • Lemon Oil – Supports micro-circulation, maintains normal cellular regeneration, support digestive system
  • Grapefruit – Stimulates an enzyme called lipase to help us dissolve fat. Yes, DISSOLVE FAT! And toxins that our bodies accumulated are stored away in fat cells so by dissolving the fats, we also remove the toxins from our body! And grapefruit also aids in thinning the lymph so that it will clear through the system better.
And don’t forget to drink plenty of water cos water assists the lymph system. You need water to push out all the garbage out of your body!

Of course, watching what you put into your body is important but that will make this post a tad too long!

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