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I love the smell of kittens! There, I said it. But they get icky so very easily, now that they can’t control their bowel movements very well.

I woke up to pee-soaked and poo-smudged kittens this morning. Sigh. The joys of being a cat mom.
This definitely calls for a bath. So here’s what I did. I diluted 1 part of the Animal Scent Shampoo in 4 parts of water in a foam pump bottle from Daiso. I like to use a foam pump because the foam makes lathering up a kitten so much easier especially they are super squirmy.

The dilution ratio is just nice to get rid of the ickiness and also quick to wash out. This makes for super duper quick baths for kittens that are screeching for dear life.

Plus, diluting the shampoo means you use less each time! Yay for saving shampoo.

When the kittens aren’t dirty enough to warrant a bath, but I would still like to clean them up, I will give a quick wipe down or do a spot clean. I’m not a fan of commercial wet wipes with all the dubious ingredients and fragrances, definitely not using them on my precious ones! So I make my own non-toxic wet wipes!


I love floral waters! I saturate a cotton pad with it and use that to wipe milk-stained faces, grubby eyes, wet paws and other not-very-dirty stuff. I mainly use Helichrysum and Lavender waters, they are so very gentle and very supportive of good skin health! Win-win!


For slightly dirtier cases, I spot clean with diluted shampoo. I have a bottle with 1 part Animal Scents Shampoo to about 8 parts of water. I do go over with a floral water afterwards, just to get rid of any shampoo residue and this helps to stretch the time between showers.

There you go, that’s what I’ve been using to clean my kitties because nobody wants to kiss a grubby meow.

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