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It was recently that I noticed my 10 year old daughter was spending a lot more time in the toilet. She was experiencing tummy aches and even though she tried, there was no ‘output’ into the toilet bowl…if you get my drift. Then that was when it finally dawn on me that she was experiencing stomach cramps…then I realised…ohh…it’s starting! And rightfully so. I remembered I had my first period at the end of the year I was 11 years old. And legend has it that the daughter will have similar experiences to the mother. So I started preparing and I put together this set of graphics to help mothers going through the same circumstances with their precious ones.

First up, we have to understand the Signs of Puberty for the girls and boys:


Puberty starts when the brain begins to send signals to the body to prepare for changes. Then there will be physical changes to the body and they start to sweat more too. And because the request for boys were heard after I released the information about girls, I did some research about boys and puberty too. It seem that the physical change for boys are more gradual than girls so they have more time to adjust and accept. However for boys, it is also a challenge (I feel) to deal with voice change and sometimes get made fun of. Boys can really carry jokes a tad too far than girls sometimes…

Here are the products to support your child going through puberty from top to toe:


It is definitely important that we do a ditch and switch to their toothpaste, shampoos and shower gel. Endocrine disruptors, sometimes also referred to as hormonally active agents, may be found in those chemical compounds in those daily self-care products that we use. We should avoid using plastic bottles too as there are endocrine disruptors in them too. These disruptions can cause developmental disorders and make puberty even more uncomfortable it already is.

The endocrine support oils are a bit different. For girls, I will chose Geranium, Endoflex or Ylang Ylang as the flower oils tend to signify more for beauty as well and dedication. For boys, I will go for Mister. Idaho Blue Spruce and SclarEssence (this blend is good for girls as well).

The highlighted spots are where you will get the endocrine supportive oils on for your growing child. And please remember that they are semi-adults now, so it is very important we ask them for permission to oil them. We are also indirectly empowering them to say no so when the circumstances arise for them to say no, they will be able to say ‘no’.


I have to pay attention to the ‘growing pains’ because my daughter is very sensitive to changes of her body like me. So all the growing and stretching are uncomfortable for her. And if you do not have what I listed for support in the image, I’ve found OrthoSports Massage Oil or BodyEase Massage Oil or simply V6 + Lemongrass + Wintergreen helped her too. So you are free to put together oils that work better for your child than what I suggested. And I will love to hear and learn from you what else helped too! 🙂 We all learn by sharing and exchanging notes.

And this set…emotionally…we need to support our kids. If you are one of those super grounded mummies who practise Yoga and have a vegan diet, you may know or experience mood swings your growing kids might have. I get them a lot. And I find that one of the biggest reason why I flew into rage sometimes…it is usually due to a lack of confidence. So if you can help your child stay grounded, confidence…that can really help them a lot.


Number one favourite for confidence other than Valor (yes yes please use Valor too!) Believe…Ylang Ylang (self-love), Acceptance that what they are going through are necessary. And finally…if your child is taking this transition to teenager/adulthood hard…help to shift them with TraumaLife. Put over their heart, around their ears and let them inhale from palm.

After putting together all the products I wished I had when I was going through puberty, I realised that Young Living has a very impressive range that really go from head to toe and inside to outside. I wished I had Mirah Hair Oil then…for it was during my puberty that my hair suddenly grew thicker, coarser and fizzy. It was so hard to manage for me then and was one of the reason for my lack of confidence as I was unable to accept the change. So for my daughter, I made sure I get some Mirah Hair Oil on for her and the Acne Cream really helped supported and cleared her little pimples. Phew…and hurray for Young Living.

For the full set of images that support the girls through puberty, click here.

For the full set of images that support the boys through puberty, click here.

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