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The thieves range is not just for leaving at home to use for cleaning. I have found some of these are really great for bringing with you when you travel. They are my MUST HAVES when I see the world.

Here’s sharing my top 10 tips for using the thieves products:

  1. THIEVES SPRAY – Spray down the beds! It may not be a huge bug manifestation, but there are many times when you travel and you come across weird bites here and there as you sleep in unfamiliar beds. SPRAY THE BED DOWN.  I do it very often whenever I sleep in hotel beds, just to make sure I do not get any bites!

  2. THIEVES SPRAY – Spray down the plane. Esp spritz the air, tray tables and the seat handles around you. Long hours in the plane with recycled air filled with hundreds of other passengers who may be carrying other microorganisms with them is the easiest way to get sick!

  3. THIEVES SPRAY – Spray your hotel rooms. I love use my Thieves spray to spray the aircon vents or even just the air and carpets of hotel rooms. Hotel rooms seldom gets cleaned thoroughly. Often they are made neat and the turn over is fast, so germs and smells still linger. Use the Thieves spray to help you with that.

  4. THIEVES SPRAY – Spray yourself! Sometimes, long flights with missed connections could mean wearing the same piece of clothing for hours. The thieves spray is a great way to get rid of some of that odor so that you do not “suffocate” the person next to you in the plane.

  5. THIEVES SPRAY – Spray everyone! If you ever visit wide open spaces, or decide to have a picnic outdoors to enjoy the weather or the beautiful park, spray some Thieves spray. It will protect you from uninvited multi-legged guests who might want to crash your party.

  6. THIEVES SPRAY – Spray your bite! Should the unfortunate event happen that you got bitten by an uninvited guest. I personally find that spraying some of the Thieves spray on your bite helps the itch disappear temporarily. As they say dont scratch – do keep spraying.

  7. THIEVES HAND SANITIZER – Perfect for grubby hands. Yup, if you have a toddler like me, holidays would mean visiting animal farms and markets. That also means grubby hands touching grass, animals, food and it all goes straight into the mouth! ARGHHH! Next thing you know, “MAMA! I HAVE A TUMMY ACHE!” 🙄 So carry this small little bottle with you to clean dirty hands.

  8. THIEVES VEGGIE SPRAY – Eat your fruits! On every trip that we go for, FRUITS is always a must. But washing them might not always be convenient, so this come in really handy to clean fruits because popping them into your mouth.

  9. THIEVES VEGGIE SPRAY – Spray the plates and utensils! Not just for fruits and veggie, but often when you travel to certain countries, you may find the flatware undesirable in terms of cleanliness, I like to use the veggie spray to help me clean off extra dirt so we can all eat with a peace of mind.

  10. THIEVES TOOTH PASTE – You got to brush your teeth anyway! So bring the Thieves toothpaste along with you. Its safe and gentle even for little teeth so sometimes my toddler and I will share a tube when we travel!

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