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So besides the common questions of “is this safe?” and “how can I apply / diffuse?”, the last question I am often asked is “how often can I apply on my child?”.

So here are my suggestions. 


Say your baby or child is under the weather and you are the ever loving and concerned parent wants her to get better ASAP. How often should you oil?

I have oiled my kids for 4 years now from newborn and have tested from the frequency of three times a day (well this was when I was pretty new to oiling), to 3 times an hour (every 20 mins) to 6 times an hour (every 10 mins) to non stop oiling for under 1 hour. And these are my conclusions:

  1. When my child is well and I want to support her immune system, I would oil 1 to 2 times a day. For example, Thieves and Immupower on her soles before and after school.
  2. When my child is STARTING to show signs of being unwell, the oils are very effective when I DON’T PROCRASTINATE and oil every 20 mins for a few hours. RULE OF THUMB? Little but often is BEST.
  3. When my child is stuck with something persistent, oiling between every 10, 15 or 20 mins for half a day would tend to improve the situation. Anything LESSER than that, and sigh I will be in for a long ride over the next few days.
  4. There are only 3 times in my 4 years of being a mother that I have to oil continuously for an hour.
The first time was when Ju was transitioning to solids as a 1 year old and was stuck with horrible constipation. Her worst record was 4 days without pooping and she was in a lot of discomfort. So I stripped her down to her diapers, we watched TV and I oiled her on and on and on until she POO-NAMI! I didn’t even mind cleaning up the mess! 

The second and third time, while I cannot say for compliance, what she had, but it was urgent and critical at that time. I didn’t want to risk her health and was prepared to send her to the hospital if I couldn’t shift it within the hour. I was using oils to support her immune system and manage to shift her to a better state after 40 mins non stop oiling.


Your kid has been throwing tantrums at home… or refusing to do his homework…. or having some fears about school so what are your options? (Please note that the oils are not a replacement for you as the parent to talk things out with your child!)


Tantrums! Anger! Quarrels! Quickly drip the oil of your choice out and apply anywhere on your child. He probably will hate it but it may help defuse the situation.

Can’t reach him? Apply on yourself or use your hands to sprinkle the eo in the air.


It’s homework time and uurgh you know it’s gonna be a uphill battle with your kid. You can choose to apply on him in advance or just set up a diffuser near him. I usually diffuse Harmony or Peace and Calming in the kitchen / dining room cos family squabbles tend to break out during meal prep and meals.


Say your child has a phobia over Maths. And you would like him to shift into a state that have him be open to learning and perhaps even improving his grades on it. In this case, I would oil him twice a day… perhaps before school and before homework would be ideal.


i. Always offer water to your child. If she’s completely breastfed and has not taken solids, offer breastmilk. The body needs fluids to assist the oils to do their work.

ii. If you are a new oiler, choose a frequency that feels comfortable to you. You can always tweak it less or more as you go along.

iii. Observe your child. Any progress? Yes? Continue at same frequency. No? Then you have 2 options – switch oils and/or change frequency.

Oiling is an amazing thing… it strengthen the bond between parent and child and help parents to develop a 6th sense of what oils will help their kids.

I hope this helps! Drop me a comment below if you have any feedback or questions. 

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