This post is contributed by One Drop member – Adelyn Chong.

All my life, I’ve always felt left out by lady luck. I was never that lucky girl. My journey in life, from growing up to adulthood, life had always seem to be hard for me. I was constantly struggling with something. Struggling to mass my exam…struggling to get past broken relationships…struggling to gain recognition for efforts put into my work…and struggling to make ends meet! I thought that was what life is all about. And that life has to be difficult. 

But all that changed one day. It all happened on a day that I almost couldn’t make it to my first oiling class because of a huge downpour, a dying handphone and a fatigue body from work. If I hadn’t made it, I won’t be who I am today. It was a class filled with abundance. I felt like an old lock that finally found it’s correct key! That evening was the first evening I ever won a lottery (never in my life before!). 

But now, with the experience, I learnt that I can ask for what I want. I started exploring the oils and how I can use them to support my mindset change. I learnt to shift my focus and put attention on things that matter. As I focused on my kids health, they got better. I then focus on building positive relationship, I reconnected with friends and family. Now I have a big community who has my back and supports me. And when I focused on my wealth, it grows!

Because the law of attraction says, positivity attracts goodness. And negativity brings “bad luck”. It is all about knowing how to attract and what to attract. 

Here’s a simple 3-step protocol which I like to follow. 

First, I release all negativity in me. I like to use oils like White Angelica, Stress Away and Thieves to help me. As I apply them over my head and shoulders, I instantly felt lighter and protected, like having an armour on!

Secondly, I manifest what I want using the power of thoughts. The stronger the signal I send to the universe, the faster I receive it. I use oils like Believe, Abundance and Highest Potential. One day as I use Abundance and brought my children to the zoo, I even received free rides tickets from a stranger!

Lastly, it’s about being grateful with what I have. The oils I use are Gratitude, Present Time and Joy. It feels like instant magic as I practice gratitude, more good things happen!

I also keep my body strong by taking Ningxia red and Sulfurzyme daily. A strong body with a positive mind is a powerful attractor. It is like charging a piece of magnet and making it perform at its best! You can, if you think you can! 

Many people say that they are afraid of being over reliant on oils. I say I never looked back. I’m blessed to have oils and supplements that I can depend on and journey together.

If you would like to find out more about how law of attraction and the oils can work for you, drop me a note!

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