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“You have to see yourself as being successful now, not when you get there…because you never will if you can’t see it now and if you don’t believe it now it will not ever come because the universe doesn’t understand “someday.”” – Gary Young

Some people say,”Fake it until you make it.” That had never sit well with me because it simply is not in my blood to fake something I did not have. So, for a long while I really had a problem with the ways of the world we lived in…a world with many grey areas. It took me several years to finally understand and accept our world, yet I struggled to remain in me the person I am. My relationship and walk with God helped me a great deal, but today I am excited to share this learning from Gary, which helped reaffirmed what I needed to do to grow my Young Living team.

The entire transcript had been uploaded to our Learning Vault. Please email to with your name and member ID for access  (exclusive to OneDroppers only). 🙂

Here are the 10 tips I summarised from Gary’s sharing along with oil recommendations that I think will help 🙂

Tip #1: When you are focused, nothing gets in your way

Gary called it ”looking at what you desire in life and what your purpose is. And that being more important than an injury or a sore toe or a headache, or whatever it might be, staying focused and true to your path.” Even with a fractured ankle and two blood clots blocking two veins, Gary still insisted on peddling and practicing for a cycling competition in France!

Another story shared in the transcript was that Gary was a network marketer himself too! And without any prior knowledge or training, he was drawing a check of $5,000 and $6,000 per month in just three months’ time after joining the company. He had a reason for doing so. He wanted to finish schooling and build a clinic. That was his focus and goal.

So start by finding your focus on your end-goal and do what you have to do to get there! Oils that helped me do this are Clarity, Awaken and Envision…oh yah and Believe too! Wear them like you will wear a perfume and inhale them all day long!

Tip #2: There is no such thing as failure

According to Gary, even if you fail, you have succeeded at failing, so you are a success! Gary shared that 90% of people who got into network marketing actually already see themselves as failures. So in a way, they are using their failure at network marketing to validate their failure and validate their self-sabotage, self-defeating behaviour patterns! So how do you sign up people who already sign up to be a failure???

You take ownership of yourself, change your own attitude and be successful because the Law of Attraction proves that successful people attract successful people! So know your people, and start teaching and educating and promoting the people who came into the company.

Gary’s Great Day Protocol is an awesome one to get through your days. You can check it out here:

Tip #3: Understand your People and why they are signing up

Qualify them by asking them questions. Understand their dreams, their purpose at the moment. Not your purpose but their purpose! And there is nothing wrong with Young Living being 2nd or 3rd purpose. Know their dreams and help them achieve that. Teach them to build their dream even if it is not Young Living. There is nothing wrong with having two businesses. Let’s face it, how many successful people only has one business?

Our brain is not made to be single focus. We need to engage both minds or we will burn out! Wow…this is a total relief for me to hear. I am a hard-core multitasker and I feel so awful because I cannot focus on a single task. Now Gary’s saying that I am normal! And I am listening to both my minds…this is so awesome~
Definitely Brain Power EO (when I first signed up to work with Kai and KerYew…the first thing I did was to redeem a bottle of Brain Power and attached a roller figment to it because these 2 ladies are so dynamic and creative to work with!!!) oh and…taking the Mindwise Supplement helped me a lot too!

Tip #4: Treat it as a Business.

Structure it as a business. So, don’t go tell your people to not worry about hours, because if you do not set your timing properly, you will never treat it properly as a business. Act the part of the business person and create the frequency of success. It will come back to you and attract that same kind of person to you.

Put your bookkeeping system in place. Give your business a name, print your name card. Set the number of hours you work on your that business only. You really have to get your ass moving for this… no oils. It is so much more convenient for us now…just set up your facebook page…your instagram account…your blogsite. Just post and share something DAILY!

Tip #5: Study the Demographics around you, understand them and know where your potential lies.

Understand what you are dealing with. Selling Others or Self – SOS. If your new people tell you that they can’t sell themselves, have a good talk with them to find out why. One of the most common problem is that people can’t stand feared rejection. So what’s the best way to work on it? Get rejected and rejected and rejected until you get over it!

This is a very cool tip and I can totally relate it to this Tedtalk I watched called “ What I learned from 100 days of rejection by Jia Jiang”

You can check out the video here:

So I took a leaf from this learning and wrote down 50 names likely to reject me and I started calling them. Guess what? I have my hits! (of being rejected, remember the list is potential number of people who WILL REJECT me) and misses (for those who gave Young Living a shot…YIPPPEEE!!!) Working in reverse actually helped me garnered courage to talk to people. 🙂

Tip #6: Help your people see their dream.

The fact is that everyone has a dream and a goal. Young Living may not necessarily be it. So, what you do is you take them from where they are and direct them. Not bring them into your own dream and your own goal. But theirs!

People want to be heard. They want you to know about them. If they want products on body building, you share with them products about body building and not about the oils or Lavender shampoo! Don’t make assumptions about what they want. Qualify them by listening and let them lead you in their conversation as you listen and learn about them.

Tip #7: Avoid Burn-out

The brain has tremendous power and ability to recharge in just a matter of minutes, but if you stay in that brain-lock for another five or six hours, you are going to get burned out. This is why the school system runs a course for 45 minutes and then move to another class because researches have determined that the maximum saturation time for the brain is 45 minutes. However in a disciplined adult, Gary said we can concentrate for two hours! So plan your time – designate two hours for prospecting new distributors, two hours for teaching your downline, two hours for developing new information, two hours for writing. And in those two-hour segments, be totally focused and block everything else out.

Be 100% focused and there as you focused on that particular area or subject, and you are going to see the success just well up inside of you and around you!

Tip #8: Set Motivating Goals

When you feel you are not succeeding, you probably don’t have goals big enough to motivate you to look beyond what isn’t working in your life. This is one of the thing that is very very important. Gary is constantly in a creative mode. He is always looking for things to create…be it new formula, new treatment program or designing buildings or machinery. He never stop creating. Then great revelations will come that lead you to greater accomplishments!

Gary shared this quote from Napoleon Hill: “Any mind that remains brilliant, alert, receptive and flexible must be fed continuously from the storehouse of other minds.  If this renewal is neglected the mind will atrophy, the same as will an arm or a leg that is taken out of use. This is in accordance with Nature’s laws. Study Nature’s plan and you will discover that every living thing from the smallest insect to the complicated machinery of the human being grows and remains healthy only by constant use.”

Tip #9: Key to Success – Tithe your Grain

Gary shared that he and Mary tithed 10% of their gross income. Some people said it is 10% of the net income but the decision is entirely yours. Tithing is a God-principle for you to experience success.

Especially if you live the laws of God.

Tip #10: Write a Business Plan

The dullest pencil is still sharper than the brightest mind. Only 6 out of 172 people wrote their business plan for their business. Work your numbers and get your facts down. When you don’t write a business plan, you don’t understand the potential you have around you. So you are not motivated to do more and greater…and you do just a little bit. So take the time to understand the potential around you and be motivated to do more and be greater. Gary said,”If you’re not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space!” So start now! Start today by outlining a business plan! And when you do that, you will start your road of success!

Create so much excitement in your life that you don’t have to watch somebody else having fun! And as you become successful, people will gather around you and they will want to know your secrets!

Gary had never been a faker. He spoke from the heart and the truth. BUT he was conscious of looking professional. Looking like a businessman. Even though he had a twang of mountain accent, it did not hold him back. His reason: You have to see yourself as being successful NOW and not when you get there. See it now and believe it!

And did it work? I think it certainly did. Look at how much Young Living had grown and expanded in the last five years. If Gary had not stick to his visions for Young Living…if Gary had listened to others…if Gary had given up at any point…none of the knowledge or products he gave us could exist.

There are more nuggets of gold information in this training tape and I urge you to check out the full transcript in the Learning Vault if you are a OneDropper. If you are not a OneDropper, you may consider googling for the sales tape.

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