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Emotional changes I feel after using feeling kit

Your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical wellbeing. If not more, every emotion, every thought of yours affects every cell in your body.

“Feeling kit is not only going to enhance and empower you in dealing with things of the past and letting go of limitation that has been caused by negative emotion, negative memories and anger but also it will enable you to empower your immune system. Because as you let go of negative things, your cortisol level will drop and your immune system function will work more efficiently so it is not just about emotion but also about physical well being as well” – Gary Young


The science…

“Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the potent interaction between our psychological state of mind and our cellular and immune function. It examines the direct influence that state of mind- ranging from contentedness and well being to joy and delight- have on the message our brain sends to our immune system, our nerves, and our cells.

In simplest terms, the science of PNI is the study of how our mental and emotional state, the very way we think and act, can maximise our ability to heal- and enhance our overall physical health.”

Extracted from The last best cure: my quest to awaken the healing parts of my brain and get back my body, my joy and my life by Donna Jackson Nakazawa


A bit on my background…

I have chronic conditions ever since I was a child. It has been over twenty years. My conditions not only change me physically but also emotionally especially so because this rare condition causes me to look different from normal people. I was bullied, teased, laughed and stared at by people. My life was all about seeing doctor after doctor, treatment one after another, hospital stays… I had no friend. My life has been emptied of all joy. Under all these pressure, I withdrew to my own world, keeping to myself. I became a deeply private person. I felt that no one understood me… Words simply cannot express the pain, hurt and struggle that accompanied me throughout my childhood and into my adult life. Even till today, I feel trapped. It is like Karol K Truman’s book titled “Feelings buried alive never dies”. Well enough of my boring story; I believe you already know where I am coming from…


What did I feel when I first started using the oils?

When I first started using the feeling kit. I experienced disturbing sleep; it felt like something inside my head is struggling to be released. I tossed and turned half asleep and half awake unable to shrug off the feeling. This continued for about two weeks.
I couldn’t remember when it happened. One day, I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night sobbing! I don’t know why I am crying. I just felt so sad, so heartbroken without any reason at all! Thinking back it really surprises me as I am not the crying sort of person. However, after that incident, I was able to sleep more peacefully. It is like whatever that is struggling to get out of me was finally free!

Fast forward to months later…

The changes I feel after using feeling kits for three months:

Changes No. 1: I feel more at peace with myself and calmer. I used to be very quick at blaming myself. For not doing more to keep myself healthy. For eating all those junk food. For this and that. I still blame myself at times but I am better at letting go now. Forgiven is the greatest grace one should shower upon themselves.

Changes No 2: I can better address my emotions. I used to just feel anxiety, stress, and worry all the time. Now I am able to check in with myself. What am I feeling exactly at this point of time? Is it sadness? Why am I feeling sad? Then I tell myself it’s ok. And talk myself out of it.

Changes No 3: I feel less frustrated. I used to be very short temper. My mom suffered the most from it *guilty* because I feel she is naggy and often asks silly questions. Being less frustrated now resulted in more patience. Healing your own emotions actually benefits people around you too!

Change No 4: I am now more willing to speak up. I like to keep to myself. Talk to myself using my thoughts. I feel that talking is tiring. Now I am more open to sharing, speaking up and asking.

Changes No 5: I feel more in the presence resulting in less fear about the future and more courage. Changes No 4 & 5 is most likely the reason why I am sharing such a private side of me by writing this post!

Changes No 6: Better sleep!

Changes No 7: I feel more positive about my life. That means less time feeling depressed! I used to live in the past now I look forward to future.

Changes No 8: I have more tolerance toward the person I have difficulty with.

Changes No 9: The last and the best! I feel happier generally! Resulting in a lighter body. It’s like baggage on me disappear. Healthier emotions = healthier body!

I know I still have a long way to go toward releasing more of my buried emotions but this has been an amazingly good start. I look forward to more transformation!

If you have a chronic condition, I encourage you to also do the same.

Together we achieve!


What’s feeling kit?

Feelings features six essential oil blends formulated by D. Gary Young to promote emotional clearance and self renewal. It’s Gary’s favourite kit. Gary found that these six essential oil blends lift the senses above negativity and move one forward despite painful memories.

The blends inside Feelings are Valor®, Harmony™, Forgiveness™, Inner Child™, Release™, and Present Time™.
For the step-by-step guide to using the Feelings Kit, do check out this blog entry by Ranna.

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