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The following are points extracted from Gary’s training notes on emotional oils found in Training Tape #17 and 66 – 69.

First of all, don’t let emotions accumulate.

Gary shared one thing that he felt very powerful was ,”don’t let it accumulate.” We all have a habit of letting our emotions accumulate and did not think much of it. However, he encourages us to process our emotions everyday and then find a quiet time once a week to work it out. Like for example, hit the gym on a Wednesday, put the oils on and do your work out.


When we are dealing with emotions and emotional problems, we always start with Valor.Valor is so extremely important because this blend was formulated to balance energies, instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem. It helps the body self-correct its balance and alignment.


Harmony help to set the frequency, to harmonize the energy centers, the chakras, the meridians – whatever you are accustomed to referring to those locations in your body. It helps to open up the energy blocks in your body to get the energy flowing properly through it, and it also sets a beautiful tone which your body really loves and responds to. Harmony isfantastic. All of your energy centers through your body must be balanced for you to feel this and have this energy go through your body. Because if you are not in harmony, you are not in present time. If you haven’t forgiven, you are not in present time…you’re not balanced. If you do not have joy in your heart, then you have anger in your heart. There are emotions that come and go, sometimes daily. And there are emotions that can pull you out of that space of harmony and yet never leave. But it is perfectly natural to be upset. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just don’t let them emotion such as anger stay too long and you forget to get back in harmony.


“you live in the now, you live in the moment. You dream in the now, you dream in the moment.You live and create life with passion.” You feel the joy surge through your blood vessels until you feel like they are going to burst. It doesn’t matter whether the world is sitting on your shoulder…be excited!
Rub Present Time on the thalamus and lay there for 10 minutes. And if it brings up a negative memory, then just bless it, and release it. Let it go and replace it with a good thought, a positive thought. Then, the next day or the next time, you can take another step and go with another oil. You may just do Valor and decide to go, “Hey, I’m going to skip Harmony because I feel pretty good. I am going to go to Present Time and see what happens.

Go ahead and pick and choose. But before you pick and choose, go inside and say, “What do I feel like I really need? Do I know who I am? Am I proud of what I am?  Am I motivated about what I am doing in life? Am I angry? Do I need to deal with forgiveness?  Do I need more hope in my life?

Just role-play that in your mind and see which one of the oil blends grabs you, and what memories or emotions that oil brings you.


Grab Forgiveness and just rub it on the face, and rub it around the tummy button…because maybe a loved one said something that made you upset. And you got angry with the loved one and you hollered back or made a derogatory comment or something. Folks, use these oils to empower your relationship with your loved ones.Use them to help you forgive and reestablish your peace and relationship.


If you come home from workand you are all wrapped up with frustration, and you have been down to a trade show with your booth and you haven’t sponsored anybody–and you come home, and you are just feeling, “Arrg..hh…this isn’t working for me!” …then lay down and put a little Release on. Let go of that frustration.


Now, when you are willing to reconnect with your body and go back to your childhood, put a couple of drops of Inner Child on your thumb and just suck it!

When they would start connecting with their inner child they would turn over and go into the fetal position, start crying, and the thumb would go in the mouth.And that is exactly why I made Inner Child–for that very reason, and it worked every time.

You can also just rub that blend under the nose when they go into that fetal position, because the moment a person is in an emotional release and they turn and go into that fetal position, they are trying to get back into that connection, so you can just put the Inner Child right there. The fragrance of the Orange oil just takes them right back and makes that connection. It is really special.


Dream Catcher stimulates the mind to dream and it helps you to anchor onto those dreams.
Gary believed the biggest part about dreaming is following your dream all the way through to fruition. Onceyou have burst the dream, it may not materialize in the exactness, but if you stay with it you will get some form of it into completion, and generally it will turn out better than the original dreamso that is really important.


Grounding is very important for us in many aspects.(1) We need Grounding to anchor us when we are going through a physical healing, (2) and we need it when we are going through emotional trauma and distress. (3) We need it when we are going into an emotional release tokeep us from getting into the exaggerated feelings where we wind up fracturing and destroying the value we could have received from it.So that is very important.


When there is any type of depression or discouragement, when you are feeling fractured, when you are feeling discouraged, when you are feeling loss, and you are feeling there is just no place to turn, no place to go, then use Hope.


Protect Yourself with White Angelica

Whenever you finish an emotional experience in your life – whether it is lying on your bed in the bedroom and putting a couple of oils on and going into a quiet space and discharging some of that emotion and feeling–when you are clear and you are through and back into what we call the “real world,” then take White Angelica and rub it on the chest and the shoulders and the back of the neck. This just helps to seal and protect the etheric field from outside bombardment coming in and attacking you.
Gary like to wear White Angelica as an aftershave.


Acceptance…we have to accept things in order to grow.

So, when you start connecting and putting things together there are some beautiful things when you see what is happening and use these blends. Neroli is in there for balance and for the beautiful fragrance that it brings. It’s a beautiful blend for complexion. Ladies can use this oil as an underarm deodorant, or cologne, or perfume. It’s totally safe and non-irritating, a beautiful blend.Again, diffuse that.

As a spiritual oil for spiritual application, put Acceptance over the liver if you have a lot of pent up emotion.If you are caught up in fear then put it around the umbilical area on the tummy.If you are just stuck, and you can’t seem to move forward, take Acceptance and rub it on occipital lobes in a clockwise motion to stimulate the oxygen uptake of the brain so you can overcome the holding pattern that you have gone into and be ready to move over.

Many of these oils are in that space and Acceptance that when you feel stuck and you can’t accept that your goodness, you can’t accept your worth, you can’t accept your change…then go with Acceptance.


This was one of our convention blend. The theme then was “creating something to believe in”. It contains Idaho Balsam, Rose-wood, and Frankincense. It is so beautiful.

So many people have trouble simply in believing…”I’m such a skeptic.” You hear people say that about themselves all the time.

Use Believe to establish your belieft system in the DNA…Believe really works…in the telomeres of the DNA strands in transmitting that information to the MRNA, the memory recall center. Believe is really powerful there. If you are believing that you cannot go out and build a business, if you are believing you cannot sponsor somebody cold on the street, then that will be your outcome.

If you want to change that then you can start putting some oil blends together like Acceptance, Release, Motivation…until you can start working toward that space of “I believe I can do this.”


Are You Magnifying Your Purpose?

This beautiful blend is made up of. Sandalwood for the brain, Nutmeg for the adrenal glands, Rosewood for balance, Cinnamon bark for the adrenal glands, Ginger for the stomach, and Sage for the solar plexus.

When you Magnify Your Purpose, you’ve got to amplify your energy from the core chakra out–and this is when you are going to see great and rewarding things. This is another blend you want to carry with you in addition to Live with Passion. Magnify Your Passion; let people know the you’re passionate!

Ending note:

When you are on the emotional oils and you start to experience a release of an emotion. Stop there for a while and allow that layer to come off. Give yourself sufficient time to deal with it.

and if you aren’t sure where to put an oil…Apply Oils on the Naval

Why? Because the umbilical is what feeds you. This is what nourished you while you were in the womb…that connection point goes to every cell in the human body. So, when in doubt, just go to the umbilical cord.And why do they call it “belly button?” Because you need to unbutton it and let the good come in.

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