This post is contributed by One Drop member – Kaye Ng.

Besides the normal uses of essential oils and their bottles, such as using digize for your tummy support, there are many other “cool” ways you can use your oils and the bottles too. Here is 10 other surprising ways that I use my oils and oil bottles for.

1. Turn them into an immediate reed diffuser by putting toothpicks into almost empty EO bottles.

2. Make flavored ice cubes for lemonade, water, or punch by adding a drop of essential oil to your ice tray. I love the citrus oils like lemon, lime, citrus fresh the BEST. If you want them prettier, add a mint leaf or a beautiful edible flower to each ice cube to make them pretty! You can also add fruits to give your drink an added yum factor.

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3. Every drop of EO counts! When you are almost done with a skin-friendly essential oil, such as lavender, rose, helichrysum, or frankincense, add in your your toner of choice — such as witch hazel and you have your own toner right away!

4. Cotton balls! This is an essential oily tool to have. Stuff 2-3 cotton balls into an empty essential oil bottle and place the cap back on. Then let it sit overnight to soak up whatever oil is left. Remove the cotton the next day and right away you can put these cotton balls wherever you need such as in stinky shoes, in trash cans, in your car etc.

5. Make flavoured salt for cooking! Fill up your empty bottle of Vitality EO such as rosemary or lime with good quality edible salt like natural sea salt and pink himalayan salt and let it sit inside for more than 24 hrs. After that you are good to go! You know have salt for margaritas, fish, chicken, potatoes etc.

6. Such a simple idea, but use your bottles as mini flower vases!

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6. Baking soda is your best friend. If you want to freshen up stinky places, buy a boy of baking soda. I normally buy a small box and drop in 5 – 10 drops of essential oils directly into the box and mix it up abit. To freshen up my refrigerator, I would then place the entire box INTO the fridge. It works wonders not absorb the smells and give my fridge a nice lemony (if i use lemon eo) scent after. Other times, I pour half a box of baking soda mixed with EO into the trash can or diaper pail before I put the bin liner on. Works wonders!

7.  Disinfect your dish sponge! How many of you actually do this? Just because your dish sponge gets “washed” with soap doesnt mean that it doesnt harbour bacteria. In fact with all the water and food and oil particles, it can get rather nasty. Take your thieves oil or lemon oil and give a drop or two in a warm water basin and soak your sponge in there for a while. Helps kill everything!

8. Toilet air freshener? Drop a few drops of essential oil right into your brand new toilet rolls! Ta-dah right away you have a great smelling toilet!

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9. Add your oils to your shampoos and body soaps. Well Young Living has the soap base where you can add your essential oils to, but you can also add them to your shampoos! Tea tree for example is a great one to add for a healthy scalp!

10. Drip oils everywhere. I know this sounds so simple, but some people dont realize that its really quite safe to drips oils everywhere so you can smell good stuff and freshen up areas wherever you go! These are some places that I love dripping my oils onto: Bed cover, Bathroom Mat, Car Mat, Dried Flowers and even  directly on my clothes esp if they are dark coloured and made of a hardy material like denim.
What ways do you use your oils? Share them with us, we would love to know!

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