This post is contributed by One Drop Member – Wendy Wong.

Many of us have different ways of releasing stress and expressing how we feel. Some exercise, others meditate. I use a combination of essential oils and art.

How do I do it?

My way of releasing stress and finding answers when I feel stuck is through drawing my way out. Literally.

By 1st using essential oils to activate my sense of smell, to have me in touch with how I am feeling at that point in time, and then I draw.

Through this process, I am able to express what has been internalised; when no words could describe. It has also provided me with the peace and serenity after each drawing and this process has helped me along the way whenever I needed to find answers to what I am seeking.

You may wonder how I combine these 2 modalities. I usually use one or a few oils.

Some of the oils I have used are: Stressaway, Present Time, Harmony and Forgiveness. Or sometimes I just reach into my oil bag and allow my hand to choose.

I inhale each of the scents, allowing my body to take in the benefits of each of the oils; breathing in deeply.

Then, whatever images, colours or shapes that comes to mind, I draw them out using my art materials.

After I complete my drawing/s, I  give myself some time to make sense of it. This may be a few minutes of studying the drawing, or even setting the drawing aside for a few hours or days to reflect on it later. The key is to enjoy the artwork and the process of self-discovery.

Interestingly, for me, the words come easier after I draw, allowing me then to explore and express what emotions I am feeling at that point in time.

For any of you keen to try this process, you may start with your favourite singles or blends. Inhale your oils deeply. Allow your body to experience any images, visuals or emotions that you may feel.

Then you can express them using papers and colours. Oil pastels are a good choice to start with as you can play with each texture of the colours. Colour pencils, markers, water colour, etc are media you can use as well.

Most importantly, be gentle with yourself in the process and have fun!

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