This post is contributed by One Drop Business Manager – Kaye Ng.

Sleep is one of those funny things – some days you hate it. Esp when you are tired and have tons of work to do other days you just love to sleep and wish to sleep on and on and on.

Sleep is not JUST for rest, it is VITAL for you body. Your body heals and repairs itself when its resting. So it is important to sleep. Without sleep, you might find yourself tired, cranky and falling sick easily. In fact many people die from overworking their bodies and not getting enough rest. SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. YOU NEED IT.

bi_graphics_what little sleep does to your body

However with the stressors in our daily life it is not always easy to fall asleep. The oils are great to help you sleep. Either to fall alseep, or to even sleep through the night. Here are some oils to create in a roller bottle to assist you in sleeping soundly. Apply to the bottom of your big toes, or/and your brain stem.

and to seal in the deal, its def gd to be breathing in some oils to feel relaxed and calm – I believe it also helps to keep you in nice deep relaxed sleep through the night.

I hope u find this useful! 🙂 Sleep tight people!

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