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Ah never did I thought that I would be writing a post on weight loss especially when I wasn’t looking to lose weight but ok here I go!

I have always been a foodie. Food is my pleasure, food is my life. Probably too much.

So what changed? When I went to Ecuador last November for the Platinum Retreat and was told by Dr David through my bloodwork analysis that I have candida in my body. Its a kind of fungus, a common one that grows with the luxuries of modern lifestyle… you know, the sugar, the additives, the processed food. I was also Vitamin C deficit. Very deficit.

Dr David asked me to take more greens. Among other things. And that I could use Thieves and Juvacleanse to help cleanse and detox me so I wouldn’t feel so tired most of the times. Imagine having a kind of fungus traveling through your blood and (eep!) up your brain? Definitely will cause brain fog and tiredness for anyone!

So when I came home, I made teeny tiny changes as time goes by. I have a hectic lifestyle with 2 young and demanding kids who I called Queen Ju and King Sol (yes Jonathan Teo and I are their slaves hahah!).
I first began to use Thieves. Over time I incorporated Juvacleanse too.

Then I started to add more vegetables to our family meals. I LOVE LOVE salads but I didn’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen cooking for the family then make a salad for myself. So I just double the greens and add them to our family soups. Eating more greens also mean that I cut down on my grains intake (rice, noodles) since the vegs filled me up.

Then I reduce the late night snackings. You know… the time of the day where finally (!) the kids are asleep and you and your hubs have some blessed me-time. I used to snack. Ate all kinds of food *blink blink*. I found this hard to stop so I switch to drinking tea at night. Water too. Never mind that I peed more at night too. Hahaha.

Recently I added Progessence Phyto Plus to balance my hormones. I started on it because my face was beginning to break out and I noticed that it was around Aunty Flow time of the month. Then I added Dragon Time too when a recent Zyto scan shows me that I needed it.

For these 2 years, our family have also switch our household cleaning and personal care products to non toxic ones ala Young Living! Do you know that toxins from plastics, SLS, parabens etc are stored into fats? So it makes sense to go chemical free as much as possible at home.

(Please look out for the Thieves campaign and chemical free homes coming in May and June! We would be sharing more details on that real soon!)

And so… I present my photos to you.  The left one is taken when Sol is 1 year old and the right one is taken last month. Sol is turning 2 next week so you get a sensing on the time passed.

I guess I could go shady and tell you that I use these magic dinky oils and tadah, I’ve lost weight! But the truth is that long term weight loss is made up of a series of small sustainable changes in lifestyle. I don’t starve myself. In fact I just ate potato chips just now!

Anyway I didn’t believe when folks keep telling me I have lost weight thru my FB photos cos you know, FB photos can be staged. And when my mom told me I’ve lost weight, I pfft pfft at her words. But when a distant friend saw me in real life and told me the same, that’s where I sat up and take notice. Ahahaha.
I hope this lengthy post helps shed some light! I never dared to weigh or measure myself but so many of you told me in this group through my photos that I have slimmed down so I thought I’ll share with you what I did to achieve ACCIDENTAL WEIGHT LOSS. 

P.S. I’m still chubby! I haven’t completely slimmed down yet! Really! 

Faith is a member of OneDrop. She and her team supports oil users via their facebook group – Let’s Add Oil and their blog – School of YL. If you like Faith’s articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please feel free to get in touch with Faith or sign up directly here.


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