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It’s annoying when pimples appears, however it’s also giving some insights on our health condition. We can dab some Lavender, Melrose, Geranium or Frankincense on the pimples to soothe the area and let the pimples disappear sooner. At the same time we can look a little deeper and decipher the SOS messages our body is sending to us in the form of pimples. So we can work on the respective body system.

Do refer to the graphic for the face areas I am going to refer to:

Pimples appearing on area 1, 2 & 13: Digestive system

Eat lesser fried and processed food. Increase intake of water, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Recommend to use Di-gize to support the digestive system. Apply on the stomach and also ingest 5-10 drops in a vegetable capsule. Di-gize is an essential oil blend that contains a powerful blend of single oils that support a healthy digestive system.

Recommend to take Digest & Cleanse supplement. 1-2 capsules daily after food. Digest & Cleanse helps to support a healthy gastrointestinal system and also helps with a gentle detox.

Pimples appearing on area 3: Liver related

Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy and greasy food. Increase intake of water and get sufficient sleep daily, so the liver can rest.

Some recommended essential oils that support liver health are Ledum, JuvaCleanse, JuvaFlex and Geranium. Apply 1-2 drops over your liver area and on your soles. Apply a hot compress over the liver area. If you can only choose 1 oil, make it JuvaCleanse. It’s a blend of essential oil that with celery seed, helichrysum and Ledum.

You may want to ease into a gentle liver cleanse with JuvaPower and JuvaTone. These 2 supplements helps with detoxing and cleansing the liver.

Pimples on area 4, 5, 7 & 8: Kidney

Increase intake of water. But down on alcohol and caffeine as these will cause further dehydration. Any blemish around the eye area including dark eye circles are related to dehydration.

Recommend to use lemongrass essential oil and Juniper essential oil. Layer both oils over the kidney area follow by a hot compress. Or add 1-2 drops to drinking water and drink up.

Pimples on area 6: Heart

Check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Eat light and cut down on spicy and greasy food. Replace bad fats with good fats, Omega 3 & 6, in your diet.

Recommend to use Aroma Life over the heart and on the neck arteries. Use Lemongrass and helichrysum over the heart and along arms.

Recommend to take Omegagize which contains omega 3, vitamin D, DHA fatty acids and coenzyme Q10. The fish oil in OmegaGize3 is harvested from small cold water fish such as anchovy, mackerel and sardine which have a higher amount of Omega-3’s and a lower level of contaminants. These contaminants tend to concentrate in higher amounts in the larger fish

Pimples on area 9 & 10: Respiratory system

Take more alkalizing food like fresh vegetables and reduce acidic food like meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

Recommend to add lemon essential oil to drinking water. And take AlkaLime supplement.

Apply essential oils like Idaho Balsam Fir, Wintergreen, Ravintsara and Frankincense over the lungs areas. Also diffuse essential oils that support the respiratory system, RC, Raven, Dorado Azul, Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus Blue, Eucalyptus Globulous, and etc

Pimples on area 11 & 12: Hormones

This is a sign of stress or hormones changes. Breakout in this area also indicate that you are ovulating.
Recommended to use Progressence Phyto Plus, Lady Sclareol, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and Dorado Azul. Apply on ankles, lower back, thyroid area and side of the neck.

Pimples appearing on area 14:

This is an indication that you are falling sick. Drink up and rest up.
Recommended oils to support the immunity system, thieves, immupower, oregano on soles, frankincense, lemon and cistus on spine and soles.
Also recommend to take Inner Defense and Longevity.


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