This post is contributed by Faith Teo a member of One Drop.

So after our Nov travels to KL and Ecuador, Jon and I joyfully reunite with our kids…. or was it?

Sol has been waking up very often every night, screaming. He kept wanting us to carry him and he gesticulate us to walk here… and there…. but he was unsettled.

Finally we realised what he was trying to communicate. He wanted us to be together (he was trying to herd us together into one room) and would get anxious when one of us leave him.

So I’m overjoyed when Tranquil came back in stock! This magic little oil really soothes my little boy. While not a flirty oil like Geranium or Grandfather Frankincense or SHOUT OUT LOUD Peppermint, this quiet little worker calms my #sonshine down, tames my frayed nerves and helps me to focus calmly especially in times of urgency when I layer with Lavender.

Faith is a member of OneDrop. She and her team supports oil users via their facebook group – Let’s Add Oil and their blog – School of YL. If you like Faith’s articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please feel free to get in touch with Faith or sign up directly here.


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