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Kids love swimming. My girl is no exception. But do you know that Chlorine added in the pool can be dry on the skin and hair as well as causing flu like symptoms which follow 24 hours after that. At least that was what happened to my girl often in the past.

(Edit: Pool swimming can cause congestion, sinus pain, and sinus headaches. There are two main culprits for these issues: chlorine and pressure changes from underwater swimming.

Bacteria, viruses, or fungi in pool water can enter the nasal passages, which can lead to inflammation and even cause infections. Chlorine, however, is an even more common cause for post-swim sinus problems. The chlorine in pools can cause inflammation in the lining of the sinuses—sinusitis—as well as inflammation in the lining of the nasal passages—rhinitis. This can last as long as one to two weeks, which is definitely not something you want to have to deal with.

Pressure changes in the sinus cavities can block the nasal passages and cause discomfort.  When diving and swimming beneath the water, the pressure in your sinuses has to equilibrate with the pressure under the water. When chlorine and chemicals in the pool irritate the nose, mucus becomes thick and the sinuses become plugged. This prevents your sinuses from adjusting to pressure changes and the build up of pressure can cause sinus headaches. Plugged sinus cavities also cause sinus infections because the blockage prevents the clearance of viruses and bacteria that have entered the nasal cavities. In addition, trapped liquid can develop into an infection. This blockage is why swimming often worsens the symptoms of a cold or sinus infection.)

These few months, I have been experimenting and reading. I found one article about Geranium for chlorine. I use my own way to apply instead of following the article.

I apply on her soles AFTER she showers. She smells like flowers. But the best is no runny nose after swimming as well as next day. Geranium is great for liver as well as warming up after swimming.
Update from my Kai: “At Winter Harvest – the assistant Farm manager shared how he personally found Geranium oil drastically alkalizes the very hard water they have.”

Additional information for Geranium:

This oil is great for lymphatic system. Do you know, if you lymphatic system is sluggish, i.e. you’re not active in your daily life, your “waste disposal” system will be stagnant at one place and may cause inflammation. In our body system, lymphatic system is the only organ that needs to be stimulated for circulation. Geranium stimulates lymphatic system so that wastes can be disposed through liver or urinary or integumentary systems. My friend loves to use Geranium on her face as part of her daily skin routines. Her skin is healthy and pores are smaller now. I like to combine Geranium and Patchouli as deodorant (interchangeable with Lime) if I want floral scent as well as stimulating lymphatic system (underarms are one of major drainage in lymphatic system).

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