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A few days ago, this article by CNA caught my attention. The article is about this Singaporean lady, Sharon, who was treated with antibiotics for UTI but due to resistance to antibiotics, the infections spread to her kidneys! YIKES!!! She was fine in the end but this sounded some alarm bells in me as I was dealing with UTI and Yeast Infection just recently. Ever since my hot springs dipping in Japan early in June this year, I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable with my…ahem…’Lady Garden’. Suspecting that my discomfort was from the hot springs since this is the 2nd time I got it. The first infection experience I got was 2008 after bathing in hot springs too! Tour guides (usually guys) will always advise us not to wash/rinse off the sulphur/minerals after hot spring dipping. So I stupidly heeded their advice not to rinse off after dipping.

Armed with that suspicion about hot spring, I did a google and found this article by this Taiwanese dermatologist. The article stated that about 72 percent of women experienced genital itching or irritation after bathing in hot spring. So the dermatologist advised women to wash their “lady garden” well after bathing in hot springs. OMG…I wished I hadn’t listened to the tour guides!

Below are symptoms of UTI and Yeast Infection:

Symptoms of UTISymptoms of yeast infection
pain and burning when urinatingpain when urinating or having sex
feeling the need to urinate more often than usual, even when you don’t actually have to relieve yourselfitchiness in the affected area (such as your vagina and vulva)
awakening from sleep to go to the bathroomswelling in the affected area (for a vaginal yeast infection, that would be in the vagina and vulva)
discolored or cloudy urine that may be red or pink from bloodpain in the affected area
foul-smelling urinehaving unusual, generally odorless, vaginal discharge that is thick and milky looking (for vaginal yeast infections)
fever or chills, vomiting, or nausea, which may all be signs of a more serious infection
pain or feeling of pressure in your lower abdomen, back, and sides
pain in your pelvis, especially if you’re a woman
I was having symptoms from both categories! Itchiness…checked! Awakening from sleep to go to the bathroom…checked! Vaginal discharge that is thick and milking looking…checked! (churning cottage cheese, my hub says…@#!$%#) Pain…discomfort, not yet pain…feeling of pressure in lower abdomen and sides…checked!

Apparently, you can get yeast infection when you contact UTI simply because the antibiotics prescribed to treat UTI can kill off beneficial bacterial that prevent the overgrowth of yeast. And douching is not recommended simply because douching upsets the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina (called vaginal flora). These changes make the environment more favourable for the growth of bacteria that cause infection.
So this cannot, that cannot…what should I DO???? Now aren’t I glad I have my oils with me???

But before I proceed, here are some practical ways to preventing UTI & Yeast Infection:
  • Drink water. Check your urine. Urine colours darker than pale yellow is an indication to increase fluid intake.
  • Probiotics can stop infections bacteria from ascending the urinary tract and prevent UTIs from occurring. (Think Life9)
  • Raise your pH with foods high in antioxidants. (NingXia Red!)
  • Hygiene Practises:
    • wiping front to back
    • urinating frequently will help to flush out bacteria before it has a chance to multiply
    • avoid allergens such as feminine deodorant sprays or bubble bath.
    • wear breathable material such as cotton and prevent moisture accumulating and leading to bacterial overgrowth.
And here’s how you can manage with Young Living products if you have UTI or Yeast Infection:

  1. Take your Ningxia Red. 60ml to 120ml a day as antioxidant drinks gives you a higher pH urine and makes it unfriendly for the yeast to hang around.
  2. Take your Life9 as the restoration of the urogenital flora may protect against UTIs.
  3. Drip Essential oils such as Melaluca Alternifolia, Myrrh, Oregano Rosemary, Palo Santo, Thieves or Purification on your cotton panty direct for some aromatherapy throughout the day. (I swear by the newest Australian Ericifolia…it is SO GOOD…)
  4. Douche (see the appliance above) with a tablespoon of Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash and clean water every night. (I swear by it! This is the best!)
  5. The next in line to take care of are our kidneys. Support your kidneys with Carrot Seed, Juniper or the blend GLF. I will apply the oils topically over the kidney area neat. Mix with V6 if you have sensitive skin.
Optional: Supplementing with SuperC is also good to up your immune system.

After battling with UTI and Yeast Infection for almost 3 months with the oils keeping them under control. I decided to speed up after reading the CNA article and started supplementing with Life9 and douching with Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash. So far so good! I am sleeping better for sure!

I hope my sharing is helpful to you. I am surprised by the number of people affected by UTI yearly. According to the Ministry of Health’s list of principal causes of death here, UTI ranked eighth, higher than chronic obstructive lung diseases and type 2 diabetes. The numbers showed that 2 per cent of total deaths were caused by UTI each year – more than 400 people. Oh and since emptying your bladder is crucial to keeping UTI at bay, you will have to over come your fear of using the public toilet. Especially if you are travelling. One great tip from Magdalene Kline is to carry around a Thieves Spray and disinfect that toilet seats. 🙂


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