This post is contributed by One Drop member – Ranna Seah.

Last Sunday, I was cleaning up my daughter’s room (which is seldom occupied as she co-sleeps with us) when I discovered quite a few spiders crawling around the walls, on her bedsheets etc. Eeekkkkk! Luckily I remembered this image:
So I pulled out the diffuser quickly and started to diffuse Peppermint and Purification! (Keeping mozzies away as well) I was whining half the time…”Eeek Spiders! Yucks! Spiders!!!” while wondering how long do I need to diffuse the oils for? Then the hero of the household appeared with … TADAH – A VACUM CLEANER!!!!

The daddy appeared with a hand-held vacuum cleaner and sucked away all the spiders in sight. Sigh. Relief. Our Hero  

For more information why we should keep spiders out of the house with a safer and more organic option: http://www.deadpestz.com/does-peppe…

I shall be diffusing Peppermint and Purification more diligently from now on. The scent is just so heavenly calming. 

I’ve also started to develop a habit of carrying Peppermint and Lemongrass around with me when we go to the beach, walks in the garden and etc. Singapore is a lovely green city with plenty of greenery and healthy active mosquitoes and ants. Just a drop of Peppermint on our picnic mat, keeps all the ants away. It’s really a miracle to witness. I used to hate picnics as I would be busy fighting ants off half the time, but not anymore!

And Lemongrass? It works awesomely at discouraging the mosquitoes from kissing us as well as relieving the itch from their kisses. Never have I enjoyed outdoor time so much as before Young Living came into my life.

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