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purification_15ml_silo_us_2016_24527180645_oOils inside: Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Melalucae, Lavadin, Myrtle

All the oils inside this blend are bacteria and fungus unfriendly!

The value of Purification is in purifying bacteria, mold and fungus. It is NOT specific for virus. Purification is really good for air-borne bacteria

Purification is tissue regenerating. Purification neutralizes poison; and if you put it on in immediately after the bite, it will neutralize it within seconds. Even if it is a few minutes or hours later, it will still work.

Purification should be diffused in your home every single day. The thing we take for granted is the radio-active isotopes in the air, the air-borne bacteria, the air-borne pollution, fungus spores, viral spores that are just out there in the air. The radio-active isotopes are compounds that are extremely damaging to the human immune system because they are free radicals.


raven_15ml_silo_us_2016_24527180585_oRavintsara and Eucalyptus Radiata, these 2 oils really know where to go and address the respiratory needs.

Peppermint is calming, soothing, cooling it also acts as a driving force. If you add Peppermint to any oil and it will push it quicker the sub-dermal tissues or the dermal tissues. It is a great transport mechanism in the interstitial fluid. Peppermint is also powerful for the nervous system.

Wintergreen has an anti-inflammatory action.

Lemon is a great purifier. It also increases the vitamin P-like action that enhances micro-circulation in the bodies. Lemon oil is a blessing – combine with Lavender and Cypress to massage around the eyes; or combine with Frankincense around the eyes to improve eye sight.

Add Lemon to Raven, diffuse it or apply right on the feet. You can also add it to a syringe (diluted) and insert it into the rectum. This hits right to the lungs in 3 seconds. The best way to get to the lungs is through the bottom-end. Go through the sewer line first. The blood vessels in the sigmoid colon will pick up the oils in 3 seconds and it will be in the lungs.


rc_5ml_silo_us_2016_23899002204_oRC is a great companion to Raven.

Raven is more specific to virus. while RC is more specific for bacteria, mucous and fungus.
Marjoram is for muscle tissue.

Pine increases the oxygen exchange in the lower lobes of the lungs.

Cypress increases the circulation of the blood into the lungs.

Lavender to balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. If you do not support them, you get a stimulation of the bacteria – then your body will start to produce more mucous. You will get more mucous build up in your lungs and you will end up coughing more. That will put bad pressure on your heart, your blood pressure goes up and you will get more complications. It is therefore important to balance the nervous system so you do not over-produce mucous when the body is challenged.

Spruce is used for oxygen exchange. Like Pine, it helps in increasing the oxygen uptake.


release_15ml_silo_us_2016_23900376383_oRelease is for the liver.

Ylang Ylang balances the heart.

Geranium, Sandalwood and Blue Tansy is specific for the liver. It works by balancing, energizing and allowing emotional release for the liver.

This blend is more specific for emotional support then physical support. However, I have found some very interesting things with release. There are many times when we take on certain emotions in the womb. That which you carry do not just come from your birth life. So much of emotion can be created in the womb from things that you have no control over, and things that happen in life through events that you are not in control of. So often, things happen to the fetus in the womb that the parents could have prevented. Things that can happen in the womb just shock me. Because in the womb, if the father walk out, or the mother left the father during the conception, or there was abuse (verbal or physical) –trauma is created and comes into the life when the child is born into this physical existence. So when a child has a behavior problem, parents become abusive – spank the child or yell at the child – this does not work.

If you are stuck with an emotion that is not going away, take Release and put Frankincense with Release. Wear it over your head and liver.

Some other oils blends you can use with Release: Myrrh and Frankincense or Balsam Fir and Frankincense.

Gary: When our little son was born, I had a feeling to use Trauma Life at his delivery. What he released and what he went through at that time was most remarkable. Even though the delivery was so easy, the trauma went much deeper. I rubbed Frankincense and go to work on his little skull, reshaping it and remolding it and then I put Trauma life and do the same thing. He just sighed loudly – getting the oxygen back in the brain where it can start to function and start to grow and develop.

Release can be for physical and emotional. Gary has used Release on babies who weren’t able to pass their bowels. Sometimes when we have constipation, it is an emotional constipation! Holding on to emotions is “Mental Constipation” so apply on the temples and crown; can be very important for release. Apply Release over the spine or over the liver, it can be useful too.


relieveit_15ml_silo_us_2016_24159415559_oRelieve It was formulated a year before Mary and Gary were married. She had a pain it the foot and it wouldn’t go away. She tried Panaway and Helichyrsum and other oils and she went to a specialist. They ruled out everything except for arthritis, but after all she was 45-46 years old.

Gary made this formula – Spruce, Black Pepper, Hyssop and Peppermint. Now Hyssop is very very high in anti-inflammatory action and when you combine it with Black Pepper and Peppermint, it is a magic formula. This formula is very specific for unidentifiable deep tissue pains. You can combine it with Balsam. Another combination is to put Valerian and Vetiver together with Relieve It.


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Let’s continue on Blends.


sacredmountain_15ml_silo_2016_24212161964_oOils inside: Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Fir, Cedarwood, Frankincense

Gary: Designed for myself when I was living in the city, having difficulty trying to find my own quiet space and I decided to bring the mountains to me.

Ylang Ylang is to bring about balance.

This is a beautiful blend to use as perfume or deodorant, cologne or for meditation.

It is empowering for the heart and the respiratory tract.

The physical benefit of it, is that it is a powerful blend for hair regrowth. It stimulates follicles to increase oxygen and brings testosterone to the follicle which increase hair growth.

It is also beneficial for the respiratory system. It elevates moods, helps to disconnect from the busy chaos. It has a calming effect on children because of the pines. This is a great alternative for hyperactive children or those who do not respond well to Peace and Calming.

Frankincense and Balsam Fir is good for sunburns as it takes away the burning sensation.


sara_5ml_silo_us_2016_24231629490_oSARA – Sexual Abuse, Ritual Abuse, Emotional Abuse

Apply on location of abuse. SARA goes into the deep recesses of the cell where the memories are stored to release them. SARA should be used best with Release and Forgiveness because when there is abuse, there are resentment, anger and hurt built up. So many people go through abuse on many different levels, there will always be emotional impacts from abuse.

When you can forgive, you are no longer impacted emotionally by the event.

You can also use SARA with Humility or with Gratitude.


sensation_5ml_silo_us_2016_24159414959_oSensation goes well together with Lady Sclearol.

It is the most effective when applied by the opposite sex.

Comes in a lotion and massage blend, this is a good gift to give to a married couple. It is good for the skin and is an oil for enjoyment and pleasure. It stimulates desire and senses for the sexes.

Ylang Ylang and Jasmine draws in for both men and women and is great for skincare.


surrender_5ml_silo_us_2016_23900375393_oWhen you are upset or dealing with issues, use Surrender.

It is important to surrender our egos, because if we can’t surrender our egos, God cannot work through us.
Best place to apply Surrender is on the knees and on the stomach. Bend forward and bend down.

Great to apply when you are going into a debate. Oils have the ability to function based on mental intent so you can wear an oil of Surrender on yourself and project the intent of Surrender upon the other person as well.

When you are feeling stuck, not wanting to give in, use Surrender. When you experience pain in a relationship, you will want to build walls around you and have a tendency to pull back in all relationships. There’s no such thing as holding back in one relationship and not holding back in another. Particularly those who have gone through divorce, because you wouldn’t want to go through the possibility of pain again. Surrender helps you to love and receive love again.


thieves_15ml_silo_us_2016_23899000964_oThieves is beautiful for the throat.

Thieves is great for spraying on toilet seats as long as you don’t forget to wipe it off. Thieves lozenges, spray, cleanser, these are all for protecting your environment and protecting you from bacteria.

Apply Thieves on your feet. Gary takes Thieves neat and even put it onto his baby’s feet when he was not even 3 hours old. The immune system is slowly built up from then.


LAST PART!!! This concludes the summary of Gary Young’s teachings about the Young Living blends extracted from treasured CDs of recording dating possibly as far back as 2004.

Bear in mind that some of the blends we have now may not be included in this series. Some of the blends have been updated with 1 or 2 different ingredients to replace hard to source plants that need to meet the stringent standards YL demands of. It is more important you learn about the thought process of how each blend was created and why different plant species were chosen. This helps you see the purpose of each blend and begin to appreciate the significance of each blend. They were never created out of whims and fancy and certainly NOT for fragrance purposes.

We pray you will now feel much more equipped and empowered to use these blends to change your life! <3


Oils inside: Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Spruce, Myrrh

Goes on the crown of the head.

2 of the oils in this blend were given to baby Jesus.

When you feel like you can’t get yourself together, when you are feeling depressed, put it on the crown and on the temples.

This blend is also immune stimulating and very enhancing to bringing oxygen to the brain. It will bring spiritual clarity, particularly when you use Clarity with 3 Wise Men. If you are praying and asking, seeking information, remember this, God never ever does not answer prayers and He always hears every one that you asks and offer. Be clear about what you are receiving. It is more of a spiritual oil rather than an emotional oil.

Juniper is highly regarded by the Tibetan lamas, Spruce is highly sought after by the Native Americans for improving spirituality, and Sandalwood by the East Indians.


Works on the mRNA and DNA.

Davana brings in feminine energy to traumatized tissue, whether it is for the male or female.

Frankincense, Geranium, Sandalwood is for the brain to get the oxygen to the pineal gland, to get it to the amygdala. The amygdala responds to fear/flight syndrome so getting oxygen in there helps it to slowly release those emotions.

Apply Trauma Life on the spine, let your intuition direct where you should put Trauma Life.

Trauma Life and SARA works well together for serious trauma. 2 people have gotten out of coma as a result of just breathing in Trauma Life. Diffuse it.

Frankincense activates the pineal gland instantly.


Valor is superb for balancing the body, for empowering.

Blue tansy is in it. Spruce and Roman Chamomile was used by the Romans in their baths and in preparing to go into battle. Frankincense so you can come from a spiritual space.
 Rosewood for feminine and masculine energy balance.

Valor at the bottom of the feet, up the spine. Valor balances physical, emotional and mentally. It facilitates everything else that you do, keeps you at peace and balance. Aligns the skeletal system.


White Angelica created for protection.

Using it during and particular after emotional clearing. Put it on the shoulders, throat chakra, on the thoracic vertebrae. It creates a frequency around that person that envelops you into a cocoon. It will protect you from the outside negativity. It is not going to stop it from coming at you, but it will prevent it from entering the cell membranes.

Creates helps to create a shield of energy.


Wow… you won’t believe it but I took 4 tries before I managed to get this recipe right. But thanks to all the tries, I also discovered how to make Ning Xia Red Jelly!🙂 AHAHAH which N simply adores to eat! She doesn’t like to drink NXR that much so I was really surprised when she offered to eat up ALL the failed gummies (they were actually NXR jellies! hahah)

Anyhow, I finally did get it right, and its really yummy! 😍 It makes a good snack and N asked me earlier if she could eat 10! Of course I said  no… haha but its much better to eat this than any other gummy out there in the market! 💪🏻

So here’s the recipe:

Ning Xia Red Gummies

  • 0.5 cup Ningxia Red
  • 0.5 cup Orange Juice or Apple Juice
  • 4 tablespoons of Gelatin Powder
  • 4 drops of Orange Essential Oil
  • 3 tablespoons of Honey
  1. In a saucepan over medium heat, combine Ningxia Red and apple juice together.
  2. Add in the gelatin power and whisk everything together until completely melted.
  3. Add in the honey and whisk again until well combined.
  4. Remove from the heat, allowing it to cool down, then add in some orange essential oil.
  5. Pour the warm mixture into silicon molds and refrigerate for about an hour till hard.
Note: If your gummy is not hard enough, simply add another tablespoon of gelatin powder to your next try.

Here’s sharing some awesome facts abt the NXR drink. It’s really not JUST a NingXia drink. It is a POWERFUL antioxidant drink. Everyone should really try it!

If you are interested in trying out the Young Living oils or Ningxia Red, do drop me an email at or sign up to buy the products here.


This post is contributed by Faith Teo a member of One Drop.

So after our Nov travels to KL and Ecuador, Jon and I joyfully reunite with our kids…. or was it?

Sol has been waking up very often every night, screaming. He kept wanting us to carry him and he gesticulate us to walk here… and there…. but he was unsettled.

Finally we realised what he was trying to communicate. He wanted us to be together (he was trying to herd us together into one room) and would get anxious when one of us leave him.

So I’m overjoyed when Tranquil came back in stock! This magic little oil really soothes my little boy. While not a flirty oil like Geranium or Grandfather Frankincense or SHOUT OUT LOUD Peppermint, this quiet little worker calms my #sonshine down, tames my frayed nerves and helps me to focus calmly especially in times of urgency when I layer with Lavender.

Faith is a member of OneDrop. She and her team supports oil users via their facebook group – Let’s Add Oil and their blog – School of YL. If you like Faith’s articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please feel free to get in touch with Faith or sign up directly here.

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